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Jingles’ Big Adventure

Posted: 12 April, 2009 in misc, Warlock

Once upon a time, there was a handsome young gnome named Jingles.  Jingles was a small gnome with big ambitions.  It was Jingles’ ambition to take over the world, send all the males to work in the Salt Mines and all the women to his harem.  But first, Jingles was going to have to gain enough power to make sure that those few foolish enough to object to his master plan could be squished as an example to the others.  So Jingles became a Warlock.


Amazingly, this in itself wasn’t enough to achieve world domination.  Muttering under his breath about warlock nerfs, Jingles set off to Northrend to seek his fortune.


He met lots of interesting people, and while certain mages might want you to believe that he pooped his pants, Jingles was obviously only acting scared of the Lich, Kel’zan, in order to lull him into a false sense of security.  Yeah, that’s it.


The one thing Jingles noticed about transportation in Northrend…

Is that while the methods and modes are rich and varied..


They’re all uniformly unreliable!


So if you absolutely, definitely have to get around in Northrend, get a Magnificent Flying Carpet.  It’s a very fast Rug!


In Sholozar Basin, Jingles met a very strange gnomish couple.  The husband seemed relatively normal…


But there was something odd about his wife that Jingles couldn’t quite put his finger on…


Clearly, Hemet Nesingwary knows talent when he sees it.  The Mighty Jingles will allow him to have Sundays off from the Salt Mines when he takes over the world.


And these three Dwarves owe him BIG favours!


Accepting the inevitable, Thorim the Stormlord bowed down before his new Master.


But Darkrider Arly played hard to get.  The little minx!  She will be mine, oh yes!


And before very long, The Mighty Jingles reached the pinnacle of his powers (and level 80) and the road to world domination was complete.  If all males could please report to Thorim for your Salt Mine labour allocation, and females report to Darkrider Arly for your nightgown fitting, that would be lovely.  Thanks.



I Can Has Calli?

Posted: 3 April, 2009 in misc

So, it finally arrived!  I have my very own desktop Calli, courtesy of Figureprints.  Was it worth 130 Euros?  Nope.  Am I happy I have it anyway?  Hell yes!


The colours seem a little washed out, but that’s more down to my crappy photography than any issues with the sculpture.  The detailing isn’t as fine as I was expecting, but it’s hard to pick too much fault when you’ve got your very own totally unique WoW character sitting on your desk.

I will love it and keep it and call it George!