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Given that it’s been about a bazillion years since I updated, the more astute amongst you may have guessed that this is an ex-blog.  I have in fact quit playing World of Warcraft, the raiding/daily quest grind just became too grindy.  Cataclysm turned out to be fun to level in and but far too much like a job once you got to the level cap.  A hard job.  With an asshole for a boss.

I’d like to thank everyone who visited Pew Pew Lazerz over the years, especially those of you who took the time to comment.  Hope you were amused or entertained by what you read and leave you with the news (and a shameless plug!) that Calli lives!  She’s posing as a Jedi Consular Sage in Star Wars: The Old Republic along with a whole bunch of friends and you can read about her misadventures in Dude, Where’s My Bantha? which may or may not be a new blog I’ve started.

See you there!  Or not.  Best wishes either way!