Normal Service Has Now Been Resumed

Posted: 21 December, 2010 in Cataclysm

So, Cataclysm.  It’s been emotional.  It’s also been a lot of fun, and deeply scary in places.  Blizzard have been at this for six years now, and they’re getting really, really good at it.  Of course it was absolute chaos on the first few days after launch.  Pretty much exactly like the rampant dickhead-fest that followed the launch of Burning Crusade and Rash of the Itch King, but dickheads are going to be dickheads, that’s not Blizzards’ fault, and they’ve taken steps to mitigate the consequences of all the asshattery.  Once again, mobs that are likely to have queues of people lining up to kill them tend to drop quest objects that anyone can click on.  This sort of thing is good to see.  I also noticed that people seemed to be a lot more willing to throw out group invitations than normal, rather than simply spam aoe over respawning quest mobs in a contest to see who’s the biggest wankstain.  This is probably just my server, and not at all related to the fact that the single biggest bunch of epeen-waving egomaniacs on our server went Horde and took all their apologist, fawning fanboy cockmonkeys with them.


Random fact of the day!  Here’s how you spot a patronising drooling moron in the trade channel: They start their sentences with “lol”.  Take note and remember, fact fans!

Heck, I’m coming over all bitter and twisted about something.  It’s not like that at all.  Cataclysm has been a ton of fun.  There have been drawbacks of course, but nothing to do with the excellent feast of funnery Blizzard have served up for us.  You’ve probably noticed two things about hitting level 85, or one thing if you play a tank.  First, getting a group for a dungeon is hard work if you’re dps.  Actually, that’s not strictly true.  Getting a group for a dungeon can take longer than is comfortable, but it’s not hard.  Getting a group that can breathe and think at the same time and doesn’t wipe and quit on the first trash pack…  THAT’S hard work.  Which brings us onto the second thing you all probably noticed.  Cataclysm dungeons are tough, heroics moreso.  Not Burning Crusade levels of brutality, but they’re not the snooze-a-thons that we sleepwalked through in Rash of the Itch King.  Some of them are pretty brutal, Ozruk in Heroic Stonecore leaps to mind.  Absolutely no margin for error there, you either get it exactly right or you die.  Most of the heroics, however, are not too hard but you have to pay attention and know what to do.  This is a breath of fresh air in a group that pays attention and knows what to do.  When was the last time anyone can remember being challenged and having to think in a 5 man?  No, the Icecrown Citadel 5 mans don’t count, they didn’t challenge anyone, they just traumatised them.  Thowing massive amounts of largely unavoidable aoe or swarms of elites at a group isn’t challenging, it’s bullying, and once you outgear it it’s  trivial again.  Challenging is when you get unusual mechanics that you need to stay awake for, and I’m very happy to see lots of this is the new dungeons.  But when you don’t have a group that pay attention and know what to do it’s a nightmare of epic proportions.  Oh, hi PuG tank!  Yes I see you there, you the Fury Warrior with appalling tank gear who simply queued as a tank to get a faster dungeon queue.  You know who you are.

The new Vault of Archavon-style raid in Tol Barad?  The boss in there is pretty simple.  He’s mostly just Brutallus from Sunwell, with one added ability.  The tactics are simple.  Split the raid into two groups, one on each side, both with a tank.  One tank pulls and once that tanks’ group has had a dose of Meteor Slash, the other tank taunts.  Tank Two and his group take a dose of Meteor Slash and the first tank taunts back. Eventually the boss will start channelling a rain of Hellfire, move away when this happens and be back at the tank spots ready to repeat when it ends.  Repeat these steps until he dies, collect your Tier 11.  We were eight of ten guild members with two PuG tanks.  As a tank, all you have to do is stand there and take a beating, and taunt off when the other tank takes a Meteor Slash.  Could it be any easier?

It Needs To Be Easier
Well it does for some people apparently.  The paladin tank was fine, the warrior must have been a dog in a previous life who’d spent too much time chasing parked cars.  We got the boss down on the fifth attempt because Mister Warrior liked to taunt before and during but almost never after a Meteor Slash.
Leader: “Okay, let’s try again, remember, let the other tank get Meteor Slash, then taunt.  Got it?”
Dickhead of the Week: “Got it.”
Leader: “Okay, pull!”
Meteor Slash incoming
Dickhead of the Week: “Taunting!”
Everyone else: “NOOOOOOOOO!!”
Leader: “Okay, one more time….”

Yeah, have fun in your pugs.

Speaking of the difficulty in getting a tank for an instance, there’s also that uncomfortable social dynamic that happens early on in every new expansion.  When you have one or two tanks in your guild who make it to the new level cap early on along with a few lucky dps and a healer or two, and they naturally start doing instances together to gear up.  By the time we mere mortals catch up, they’re the only tanks in town and that can lead to all sorts of unspoken (and sometimes spoken) difficutly.  From my own experience, I was unable to take any leave for Cataclysm, so it took me roughly five days from launch to hit the cap.  There were people in the guild who did it in two or three days, and a couple of them were tanks.  Naturally, they start doing instances together.  Then the rest of us hit the level cap and start looking for tanks to do instances with too, except there aren’t any.  Just these two guys who are now doing Heroics with the same old faces they’ve been running with since they hit 85.  We can’t get into a group for love nor money and our PuG experiences are generally horrific, meanwhile these guys are popping up in guildchat with achievement notifications all day long.  You start to feel…  excluded.

We Guarantee Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of a Tank for a Dungeon Group
There’s no conspiracy here, no great plan to keep the masses down and enable a ruling elite to get all the loot and instance groups, it’s just a natural social dynamic.  Cataclysm Heroics are hard.  If you have a good stable group of healers and dpsers with the gear to match and proven experience in getting stuff done in tough dungeons, you naturally prefer to run with that group, especially if the people in that group are folks you’ve raided with for years and can trust to not stand in the fire.  That’s simply the way people are.  That doesn’t change the fact that the folks who can’t get into a dungeon are going to start feeling like they’re being excluded.  That’s just the way people are, too.  And soon enough, despite being sick to the back teeth of the same instances over and over again, these tanks are going to feel the pressure from the constant “Any tank free for a heroic?” in guildchat to offer their services, and they’re going to feel like they’re offering a charity service when they’d far rather be levelling their own dps alt, or maxing their trade skills, or working on archaeology, or whatever.  That leads to resentment of the people constantly asking for a tank, because they know they’re the only tanks in town.

I’m not offering a solution here, just making an observation.  I don’t see any easy solution other than for more people to roll tanks.  Just bear in mind that for every bit of resentment you may be feeling towards “those guys” who are getting to do the dungeons because they hit level 85 first, they’re feeling just as resentful at your constant demands for a dungeon group.  Just…  I don’t know, consider how the shoe would feel on the other foot when you’re getting frustrated at your inability to get anything done, or at the constant demands for your tanking services.

That’s Some Scary Shit
We had another half dozen dungeon tanks filter through after a day or two, so our guild avoided any explicit expression of the frustration I know people were feeling.  Which brings me onto the other thing I wanted to talk about.  Tanking in Cataclysm scares the bejesus out of me.  Not that I’ve actually done any yet, too scared.  I just see that tanks’ health bar hovering at 20-35% for the duration of any fight while the dps are flipping all over the place and I don’t even know where the next heal is coming from.  As a Wrath tank, Gorn’s health bar was in one of two position – full or dead.  There was no middle ground.  Fact of life these days is that a tank can have no clue how full that green bar’s going to be from one moment to the next, and that’s going to be very hard for me to adjust to.  But if there’s one thing that scares me even more than the idea of being a tank, it’s being a healer in Cataclysm.  I can void my bladder from full to bone dry in half a second flat at the idea of healing through Ozruk in Heroic Stonecore.  That’s some seriously scary shit right there.  I look at the tank’s health at 20%, see the healer crap their pants and unload their biggest Hail Mary heal, see that tanks’ health bar climb to 35% and then back down to 20% again immediately after and I could find Jesus right there and then.

And that’s another thing, I’m feeling a lot less powerful than I was five levels ago.  Since we’re on the subject of healing, let’s use a healing example.  I was asked to bring a healer to Stonecore normal mode last week.  The group were all level 83ish, but the problem was that all of my healers were still level 80.  Stonecore’s more or less a level 83 instance.  I was expecting it to be brutal.  I was fully expecting to be an abject failure, but I loaded up Askara and went along anyway.  The funny thing is, it was actually pretty easy, despite my technically being woefully undergeared for it.

Here’s the thing.  Yes, Askara may have been a level 80 healer in a level 83 instance, but the weird thing is, that’s actually an advantage.  Let me break it down for you.  As a level 80 Restoration Shaman in roughly Icecrown 25 gear, she has around 3.6k spellpower, 40% crit and about 25% haste.  Now every time you gain a level but don’t gain any gear, wipe 5% off those stats except for the spellpower.  A level 83 shaman in levelling gear would be looking at probably 4k spellpower but would have 25% crit and around 10% haste.  They’d also have a lot more mastery, but that’s not the issue.  The point is that while Askara’s heals were smaller, pound for pound she was faster and much more efficient.  All of those crit heals that in Wrath would have been overheal were just topping off health bars in a level 83 instance.  And her heals were landing on target much faster due to all her haste not having to pay the levelling tax.

So where does that leave us at level 85?  In gear with a metric ass-tonne of spellpower and about 10% haste and 20% (if we’re lucky) crit.  The problem is that health pools have inflated drastically too, so all that spellpower just gets swallowed up in the green bar, takes an age to cast and hardly ever crits when you could really use it.  Couple that with the deeply scary sight of health bars taking regular plunges and your heals not having the instant “back to full” punch you’ve been conditioned to expect in Wrath, and you’ve got healers feeling very powerless and insecure.  I know I will be.

And yet, Tam summed it up best for me.  It doesn’t actually matter.  This is the new healing paradigm now, get used to it amigos.  Yes, your heals are hardly making dent in peoples’ health bars, but a dps on 30% health probably isn’t going to actually die even if they take another hit before you can switch from the tank at 30% health.  Calli on 30% health at level 85 is actually Calli on 100% health at level 80.  She’ll live, concentrate on the tank.

It still scares the living shit out of me, though.

You Just Want The World On A Stick
It wouldn’t be one of my posts without a good old rant, though, would it?  No, what preceded wasn’t a rant, dear reader.  That was just a frank exchange of views.  Here’s the rant.  I was hoping, at long last, that Cataclysm had finally seen an end to the kind of loot-whoring asshattery that has pervaded World of Warcraft until now.  I’m not talking about PuG tanks outrolling dps for dps gear, that sort of shit is what you deserve if you find yourself in a PuG these days.  I mean the idiot mages who roll on cloth with spirit on it, or the fuckwit holy priests who roll on the +hit spellpower dagger “because it has more spellpower than what I’m using”, and I mean in guild groups, where people should damn well know better.  What Cataclysm has underlined, and I’d hoped once and for all, was that gear with any kind of spirit on it is for healers.  Because spirit is 100% useless to anyone else.  Naturally, you’d expect the reverse to be true.  Yeah, I wish.

Last night we’re in Blackwing Descent, and it actually went pretty well.  We got the Omnitron Defence System and Magmaw down before calling it a night.  Pretty good for our first 25 man Cataclysm raid in my opinion.  The one fly in the ointment was the potential loot drama that could have ensued when Magmaw was looted.  Incineratus dropped.  And healers rolled on it.

“Big deal” you’re all saying.  Well actually it is a big deal.  It’s a rather fucking massive deal now that you happen to mention it.  That dagger is listed as Spell DPS on MMO Champion for a very good reason, and that reason is because it has no spirit on it.  There are items that do actually have spirit on it, that no dps caster would even consider rolling on, because if they did, small children would point at them and laugh in the streets as they went by, saying “Look, there’s the tard who rolled against healers for spirit gear!  What an incredible twat!”  Yet not one person so much as flutters an eyelash at a healer who rolls on gear with no spirit on it. What the fuck is going on here?

“Oh for Gods’ sake!” I hear you cry, “There’s not a single stat on that dagger that isn’t useful to a healer.”  Well yes, that’s true.  But I ask you this.  Is it fair that healers only have to compete against other healers for spirit gear, but it’s all hands in for spellpower gear that doesn’t have spirit on it?  No it fucking isn’t.  And that’s because the gear is there for them to roll on that does have spirit on it.  I have no problem with healers rolling on dps gear that no dps caster needs, but let’s be absolutely clear, it’s dps gear. Because if you can’t rein in your greed, we’ll see who starts crying when I start rolling on spirit gear and reforging it for +hit.  Except of course, I wouldn’t do that.  Because I’m not a drooling retard.

A dps caster won the roll by the way.  But there will be tears before bedtime before this situation is resolved, and since no-one appears to give a good shit about healers rolling on whatever they like, they’ll probably be mine.  I’m actually feeling nostalgic for the days when gear had either damage OR healing on it.  Bring those days back and then we’ll see who’s laughing.

*Note: My rant just got a good slapping by Malificient in the comments to this post, but I’m leaving it up so you can have a good laugh at my expense.*

Moving On Swiftly
Time for fun, as Blackheart the Inciter would say.  There’s a new Ring of Blood style quest in Twilight Highlands, it’s called the Crucible of Carnage.  Naturally, the abbreviation is Coc.  Naturally, a lot of people are in Twilight Highlands spamming trade trying to get a group for it.  Naturally, I’m going to exploit the linguistic confusion that ensues…


Looking for More Coc. Fnarr!

Coolest mount in the game. Fact.

Except maybe for this one.

The greatest dwarf in the history of anything. Ever. Click to see why.

I haf a new hat! Tell me you like mah hat!

Nice beard. The grooms' isn't bad either.


And finally…


Merry Christmas, folks! And death to mages!

  1. Shintar says:

    I’m experiencing the social dynamic you mentioned right now. Except that we also suddenly have fifty zillion healers so I can’t even find enough dps to run dungeons with me. Woe is me.

    I wonder if anyone who quested in Vashj’ir *hasn’t* taken a screenshot of themselves with that squid on their head.

  2. Calli says:

    So you didn’t like mah hat? 😦

  3. Kurnak says:

    If you’re in need of tanks you can always ask in TG. I haven’t run any heroics yet (Perf asked me yesterday) and the only instance I’ve done (as dps and tank) is BRC, because I’m also not going to go pug the new places while dickness level is over the roof, but at least we have some tanks and the others have done all instances.
    About gear… I think Blizz messed it a lot and big time. Not only cloth (leather and mail seem fine so far), plate is also pretty interchangeable between tanks and dps. And spirit is not only for healers. Spriests convert 100% of spirit into hit, and from past times (haven’t checked yet) locks and mages converted some % into spellpower. So the rolling are going to be pretty rough until people gets enough gear from instances.
    I yet have to try healing, it scares the shit out of me too.

  4. Kurnak says:

    When wearing the Merciless on the head your char should be chanting “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” all the time.

  5. Malificient says:

    As a dual spec shadow/disc priest (one who legitimately swaps specs multiple times in raids depending on the fight and group makeup), here’s my take on the loot situation:

    If it has spirit, it’s healer gear. Healers get priority.
    If it has hit, it’s dps gear. Dps get priority.
    If it’s generic caster gear (haste/crit/mastery but no spirit/hit), then it’s caster gear. No priority.

    The reason I say that is that spirit for healers is an effectively cappable stat. You only need enough regen to get through the fight, and any regen beyond that is wasted. This sound familiar? That’s because it’s the same concept as hit.

    Right now, my priest is wearing about a 50/50 mix of spirit and non-spirit gear. I’ve got plenty of regen for normal dungeons, and have successfully done some heroics (albeit with lots of drinking between pulls). I’m guessing I’ll need a 70/30 spirit/non-spirit split to do heroics or raids comfortably at current item levels. By your argument, 30% of my healing gear should be whatever is left after the dps are done with it – hardly reasonable.

    And all of that’s before dealing with the very real problems of a legitimate hybrid class, one that (actually and empirically) swaps roles to help the group out. I’m always on the lookout for pieces that help both specs, rather than a boost to one or the other only.

    • Calli says:

      Don’t come here with your logical and well-reasoned arguments, sunshine! They’re not welcome here!

      All joking aside, I bow to your superior knowledge and experience. As mentioned, I’ve not done any healing at level 85 yet, because I hope we established that it scares the crap out of me. Therefore if this is your experience then I’m forced to concede the point. Bad-tempered and with ill grace, but concede it I shall. :p

  6. Vladdi says:

    Hi calli , i read you already conceded but to make the point a bit stronger, the game has plate gear with intellect but no spirit on it, does that mean as a holy paly i shouldn’t need on it, cause retri paly’s could need it? I’m healing quite some heroics at the moment and have the feeling my regen is good enough for all bosses ( didn’t raid yet), so not really in need for extra spirit, but i’ll keep you posted.
    Also once your gear is getting better you don’t have to be scared healing heroics cause its getting easier and easier.

    Good luck

  7. lonomonkey says:

    Seriously I feel for you. Speaking as a tank I crap my pants on a regular basis seeing my health bar yoyo all the way up and down and I cringe for my healer who’s probably having a hearth attack on every fight. Getting hit for 40k in heroics is not fun for anyone.

    As for the no tank issue… well, let’s just say that after the way pugs have been treating tanks and healers in heroics I never want to tank again for any of them

  8. gaial says:

    Healing in cata hc’s is simple lol (as a pally anyway) wait till u see the tanks Hp bar in blackwing descent, even on a single mob there getting hit for 70/80% of the total HP (with our tank thats like 110k hp gone in one cleave)

  9. gaial says:

    Just make sure u get your stats right and you will be fine im sure

    I was kacking my pants 1st hc i did but once your in there and if you have a good group its pretty easy

  10. Calli says:

    I seem to keep getting Heroic Stonecore when I play as melee dps, and Ozruk on Heroic is not doing my confidence any good. Tank makes one screwup and SPLAT! I probably need to just man up and do it.

  11. gaial says:

    stonecore is not an easy one to heal even for someone geared let alone a fresh hc 85’er

    spoke to a few of my fellow healers in guild last night (mainly shammys) and it seems that although u will be able to lash out some nice hps your mana regen and combat regen since cata seems to be lacking somewhat.

    as i dont play s shammy i have no idea what to suggest with regards mana and mp5 toher than stack spi “reforge reforge and reforge” there are some good things you can pick up of AH that will help. Try and pick rainsong up (trink) and the 339 crafted gear, yes i know it is pvp gear and u cannot reforge the resi but u can remove the cris and haste from it and add spi. its a great starting point and will get you in hc’s so u can then start to farm the gear u desire.

    Cannot stress enough though GO WITH GUILD GROUPS if ur rolling fresh healer or tanks
    it will make is so much easier

    and the ozruk encounter is kinda faceroll now for tanks if they have a few brain cells to bounch of each other ofc.

    on a lighter note, Got my pally to 5th best on server over the xmas break which i was uber happy out kinda got knocked back to 12th though over night. Not huge prob as getting invited to run with a mates guild in the cata raids, as we found out our guild is no way ready for it yet so pushed our raiding back to early jan.

    Great site by the way very good reading.

    Good luck on the HC healing and keep me posted

  12. Calli says:

    Thanks for the comments, and gratz on your paladin. I’ll keep you posted once I summon up the nerve to just do it. 😉

  13. gaial says:

    Heading into bastion tongiht with any luck with a guild called red dawn on saurfang so lets see how it goes

  14. gaial says:

    Well we decided in the end to hit the new “VoA” cough cough

    2 pally healers and a druid

    between 12/15 k hps on the 2 pallys and about 11/12 on the druid.
    very intense on the healing side of that fight and i think i saw why your so fearfull of healing, my smashy smashy healing stlye was needed (bind all keys on keyboard to holy light and flash of light and punch away) only advice i could see from a raid healer’s point of veiw id to get your combat regen up

  15. Drugar says:

    I liek ur hat!

    Has the feeling of terror gotten any better in the 2+ weeks since?
    Drugar’s been gearing and tanking for a while, it’s not a ferocious as I’ve been lead to believe, but I haven’t tanked any heroics yet. That should be interesting.
    I’ma take a week off work one of these days, one because I reeeeally need a vacation, and two because I’ll spend that time hard-core grinding heroics, getting looted up and also levelling my shiny new priest, Haradru.

  16. Calli says:

    Nope, I still clutch at the keyboard and shriek like a howler monkey when anyone asks me to tank anything, but healing’s not too bad. Askara’s healed a couple, absolutely no margin for error in those heroics though. I foresee nerfs incoming, not that they’re actually needed if people just learn to “not stand in bad shit” and “hit the right bad guy”, but they’ll probably get nerfed all the same.

  17. gaial says:

    Yey progress is going good

    stuck in blackwing atm as the timing of the gong’s for atrem is proving a little difficult for the dps to handle

    healing is so much more fun in raids than hc’s, our main tank (druid) has 178k raid buffed hp and was getting hit for 60 and 70% of that. its just insane kinda reminds me of solo tanking the traps in icc.

    other than that 103k mana pool on the pally now (with raid buffs) and a 2.9k unbuffed spi pool which gives me an awsume combat regen.

    Hows your healing going

    oh as a little side note if you can get the hc trink from isliet in halls and the hc tear of blood from stonecore other than the darkmoon card and the arc trink there the best by far, the spi procs tied in with heartsong are intense at one stage in maloriak i had a 12.2k combat regen. NO MORE MANA ISSUES Whoop de whoop

  18. Calli says:

    Been slacking a bit on the healing, but Askara’s coping okay in her introductory healing gear. I actually tanked a Heroic on Gorn for the first time the other day. Wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected, but it was also probably the first time I queued on Gorn and *didn’t* get Heroic Stonecore, so we’ll see.

  19. gaial says:

    Just hit HC’s on my mage still arcane spec any advice?

  20. Calli says:

    Arcane’s fine for solo grinding, questing, etc. I found it to be okay for doing heroics, but severely lacking for raids. The problem is that there just isn’t enough haste available on gear yet to make it worthwhile, and anytime you have a spare stat to reforge you’re probably going to need to take hit instead. Just for doing heroics however, Arcane should be fine. You’ll miss on the massive burst aoe that fire’s capable of, but to be perfectly honest your progress in heroics isn’t going to be dependent on what spec you are so much as how intelligently you use your polymorph, spellsteal and counterspell, and mages of any spec can use those.

    I’d recommend taking Frost as your offspec, there are encounters where having a Frost Mage makes things completely trivial. Last boss in Blackrock Caverns with a Frost Mage kiting/rooting the adds is a just a free loot dispenser.

  21. gaial says:

    well have frost OS for pvp so wil give it a go jsut picked up staff from robot in deadmines and the robes of last boss in there as well

    was impressed with my dps was topping about 9/10k on static fights (with alot of the 339 pvp gear on)

    cannot wait to check it out with full hc gear

    same rotation arcance blastx3 then missiles if procced if not barrage?

  22. Calli says:

    Yup, rotation’s the same as always. Try to save PoM for your last AB, it does more good there.

  23. gaial says:

    well im putting th haste gems in the yellow sockets as there isnt anything else tbh am only reforging hit atm

  24. gaial says:

    well Full hc gear on the mage now all gemmed and enchanted, rather supprised really.

    putting out an avg. of 14/15k dps on hc boss fights with arcane, having next to no mana issues.

    tried fire and frost out and finding it very hard to have the same dps output. am i doing something drasticly wrong or is arcane still the best dps output for a mage and everyone else is doing it wrong?

    No offence ment by that to any mages but the amount of abuse im getting for staying arcane is intense. was refused a pug spot for bastion last ngiht on her on the basis that i was still playing arcane. got into bastion in the end with a freinds guild and was doing 19/20k with full raid buffs.

    Oh well i guess its just perssonal prefrence (pardon the spelling)

    Will be gearing up the old huntard next i think as im a little unimpressed with preist and shammy healing so will leave those till last i think.

    Oh and great news lol start a new job next week working with ikea in one of there call centres so will be taking a large amount of holidays this year, will get to sweden to see our GM and going to arrange a guild gathering towards the middle of year in france maybe (central point for us all) May even get over to the states at some point as well.

    Was readying your other posts and threads the other day How is the navy these days, my brother has just finished his officer training in the royal army and is going into logistics, unsure on how he will fight in a war lol as if its not done by email and at his pace he’s screwed.

    I also think you should be starting a char on our realm so u can come share your vast knowleage (spelling again) with the guys at strenght and honor

  25. Calli says:

    That’s pretty impressive dps in heroic gear! You’re probably going to find that a fire Mage will kick your arse on anything where there’s aoe or a lot of movement, but still, pretty impressive. Of course it’s not so much about your spec as your timing, knowledge of the fights and smart use of cooldowns. I’ve gone arcane again for raids and there’s a certain fire Mage who kicks my arse every time due to his rattlesnake-like reflexes and magical ability to predict exactly what’s going to happen and when. It takes me a while to get as comfortable with the fights to be able to stop relying on boss mods and just *know* when stuff’s going to happen.

    Not long left in the Navy. Less the nine months to go before retirement!

  26. gaial says:

    ahrgh am lvling the old preist up as healer and did blackrock normall last night, admittly with a full guild group of 85’s but holy crap they must of been taking the piss out of me.

    1st boss they tank pulled a pack of the adds with the boss (not sure if he remebered i wasnt on the pally but oh well) got though the pull and i only let the nabby lock die but there was some tears and clenching during the fight. i dont think i have every used PoM as much in my life. loving the healing on the preist though is alot more fun than gaial(pally) am thinking of loseing my shadow spec and getting disc and holy

  27. Calli says:

    Funnily enough I’m levelling Aluriel, my priest now too. Only level 82 and still able to get away with Wrath-style Flash Heal and Bubble spam, but not going to be able to get away with that for much longer. Mind Spike at 81 is a ton of fun though.

  28. gaial says:

    Dinged the old preisty.

    played most of the hcs still in disc just spamming PoM and it seemed to work.

    Took him into throne of the 4 winds of omg lol had to go respec to holy as mana is a huge issue in there

    pally is just sort of full epic gear now even after the so called “nerfing” i have seen no difference to the way i heal, few little reforges and regemming and the alc, trink and i was no different stat wise.

    i have kinda redone my core healing rota on the pally since we took 4 hours to down chimer in BWD (never offer to heal that fight TRUST ME you will thank me) kinda stinking to useing holy light alot more i know its crap but u can get them out pretty quick and keeping tanks topped of is more important than much else.

    Picked up the darkmoon card for gaial (pally) i would say if u have spare gold get it but dont make a point of farming to buy it. its good if you ahve the alc trink to go wiht it of the eggshell trink from edrux hc

    Ohter than that had huge guild issues a week back so i took my raid team out of the guild and we had to move to a new one (guild master having an affair with officer’s when husband is in same guild never works out right) so starting from scratch again although pretty impressed with the team i have got chimer down like i said so that just leaves atrem and nef in BWD ran into throne last week before reset and got conclaive down with no hiccups lol none of us had ever done the fight before and we one shotted it haha then spent 3 hours wiping on al akir

    uldar 10 last night was fun 30 min to get to yogg saron then 2 hours 30 min wiping on him haha so glad i never went there at 80 i think i may have givin up wow.

    Hows your progress coming along??

  29. Calli says:

    Killed everything except Al’akir in Throne of the Four Winds, been concentrating on Bastion and Blackwing because Throne’s a bit shit. I missed the first Nef kill, going for it tonight, then we’re going Throne tomorrow. Wipe-a-thon on Al’akir incoming!

  30. gaial says:

    Hey there long time no update,

    spent 3 long and painfull hours wiping on al akir, really what a pointlessly hard fight.

    guild news – After long meetings and a few ups and downs it seems as if were all moving to join Xen of onslaught which tbh is the best move for alot of us for raiding and progress.

    So its all go for us on saurfang.

    How goes your progress?

    • Calli says:

      We’re not doing too bad. Got Heroic Halfus down and come within a few percent of doing heroic 25 man Chimaeron and Maloriak. Sorry to hear about your tribulations on Al’akir, he really is an utter bastard of a boss.

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