My, You’re A Tall One!

Posted: 7 November, 2010 in levelling, Mage


My, but they grow up fast, don’t they?  Dingles is now level 71 and unleashed upon Northrend.  Total time played, 5 days, no heirloom gear.  She was level 67 before she’d even completed Zangarmarsh, and this is after heading to Outland at 58.  That’s nine levels completed in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh alone.  A quick trip to Nagrand for the Ring of Blood at level 65 and to do the Hemet Nesingwary questline for a rather spiffing wand, and then she cooled her heels in Terrokar Forest for the hour it took her to ding level 68 and headed straight to Howling Fjord.

That’s where it started to get tougher.  Seriously, an Arcane Mage at level 58 in Hellfire Peninsula pretty much two-shots everything that has the balls to get in her way.  This pattern continued all through Outland.  Once you reach Northrend, however, things get a little more challenging.  Of course, if you’ve planned ahead and arranged a trip to Dalaran to get Cold Weather Flying so you can take advantage of one of these…


I brake for NO-ONE!

Then yes, things are a little easier going.  If you don’t have Cold Weather flying, I’d highly recommend Borean Tundra over Howling Fjord.  At least at the Tundra you don’t have to fight your way through a village of murderous Vrykul every single time you want to get to a quest giver.  But…  well I say things got a little more challenging in Northrend, and that’s technically true.  Dingles often had to cast a third spell to kill stuff.  But there’s challenging and then there’s challenging.  Doing the Argent Dawn quests in Eastern and Western Plaguelands at the early 50s in Vanilla was challenging.  Doing Stratholme in blues at 60 was challenging.  Levelling a character to 80 these days…  is not.

But at least the npcs have a sense of humour about it…



Of course, the benefit of having two accounts is that you can effectively boost yourself through instances.  The screenshot taken above was from the Slave Pens, where I played Galadan with Dingles running around after Keelahselai on auto-follow.  A couple of days ago I had Gorn run Dingles through Utgarde Keep.  I’m planning on doing a Nexus run today.  It’s surprising how smoothly you can do it, too.  Both instances of the game ran very well on my PC, which is over two years old.  Having two of your characters meet each other in Dalaran on a weekend night is another story, however…


The Royal Bank of Calli's first annual shareholders meeting

Dingles took advantage of the lag to dodge questions about where the 5000g from the guildbank went.  I refer you to picture #1 at the top.

Oh, and Engineering?  Best.  Tradeskill.  Ever.  Why did no-one tell me?  In one more level (72), Dingles is getting a level 200 epic hat.  She shoots guided missiles out of her fingertips and has rockets in her boots.  Yes, I know the Hyperspeed Accellerators are technically better than the Hand-Mounted Pyro Rockets, but come on!  SHE SHOOTS ROCKETS OUT OF HER FINGERTIPS!  Get with the programme!

So I’m off to get her to 72 asap so she can try on her new epic hat.  It’s off to Borean Tundra I go, and woe betide anything that gets in her way.  Mess with the gnome, you get the Gyrochromatic Hydrospanner!


P.S.  If you’re an engineer, there’s an Auction House in Dalaran!

  1. Yes! Rockets! Nothing beats rockets!

    Also there is of course the wormhole generator and the parachute cloak and the mind control helmet!

    And bombs… lots and lots of amazing bombs.

  2. Calli says:

    I think at last count she had 386 Saronite Bombs. That’s a lot of BANG!

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