It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

Posted: 23 August, 2010 in Dickhead of the Week, misc

As mentioned earlier, Gorn’s on a whistle-stop tour of the Old World while hammering out the Loremaster achievement (18 quests to go, fact fans).  Along the way, he picked up World Explorer and it struck me once again just how incredibly gorgeous the world is.  I’ve banged on about this subject before but it bears repeating, especially as these Old World zones are all changing very soon and there isn’t a lot of time left to get the Explorer achievement before Cataclysm turns it into a Feat of Strength or something.  Here’s Gorn hunting for Brumeran in Winterspring…

And here he is fresh from searching for the remains of Apprentice Surveyor Scrimshank in the Silithid Hives of Tanaris…

One of the good things about bimbling around the Old World zones without much of a plan just to see where you end up is that you discover things you never would have otherwise, which I guess is sort of the whole point of the Explorer achievement.  When I was doing it on Calli I discovered a Silithid Hive in Feralas I never even knew existed.  On Gorn I stumbled across something a little more practical and lucrative.

Anyone who ever spent any time in Desolace (and if you played vanilla wow and got stuck levelling in Stranglethorn Vale after level 33 or so you probably did) may have noticed a goblin caravan doing a circuit around Mannoroc Coven and the Kolkar Village.  You can’t interact with them, or at least I thought so, until purely by accident I passed by them on the way north from Gelkis Village and they’d stopped by the side of the road and deployed a vendor bot.  The bot was selling, amongst other things, several rare cooking recipes I didn’t have, so naturally I snapped them up.  As I was leaving they packed up shop and started to head north, which happened to be the way I was going too.  After a few score yards they stopped and started yelling for bodyguards to escort them through Mannoroc Coven.  Lo and behold a quest icon suddenly appears over their heads.  I take the quest, protect them from a few demon attacks and get sent ahead with their thanks to collect my payment from Smeed Scrabblescew’s outpost.  I’m curious now, however, so I follow them to see where they’re going.  Sure enough, they stop again by the side of the road near Willows’ Hut and deploy another vendor bot, this one selling a bunch of different rare cooking recipes, so naturallyI snap those up too.  After ten minutes they head off again, this time past the Kolkar Village where they once again stop and yell for further assistance.  Another quest pops up and I once again escort them to safety and get sent to Scrabblescrews’ outpost to collect my payment.  Two more quests towards Loremaster and a bunch of valuable cooking recipes   that I’d never otherwise have even known about if I wasn’t taking time out to smell the coffee.

Oh and if there are any Zelda fans out there, there’s a quest line in Un’goro Crater that you must do.

In other news, one of our guildies was going through a 25 man Icecrown PuG on the weekend and had this litany of horrors to report in guildchat…

Getting hit by two Deathwhisper Shades is careless, but pretty understandable.  Nine Rotface Ooze explosions is pretty dramatic, but it was either mutliple attempts or the doofus was actively running around looking for exploding slimes to stand under.  Standing in Gunship Rocket Strikes eleven times is starting to stretch the bounds of possibility though.  For those of you who may not have done it, enemy Rocketeers target you and have the courtesy to paint the ground you’re standing on with a great big RUN AWAY MORON targetting symbol under your feet.  They even give you five seconds to realise what’s going on before you get a rocket in the face.  To fail to get out of the way eleven times takes a pretty special kind of stupid.  But the crowning glory is getting hit by Saurfangs’ Bloodbeasts seventy eight times!  Words fail me at that point, you just shouldn’t be allowed to play if you’re that stupid.  Or at the very least you should be made to carry some kind of public warning…

And because no post is complete these days without something from the Daily Blink, here’s one for our very own special snowflake class…

I’m so pretty, oh so pretty…

  1. Klepsacovic says:

    I mostly found all the glorious hidden bits while doing Loremaster and I have to agree: it’s a wonderful world out there, waiting to be found. As for the caravan, I have less positive thoughts of it, having found it at a time when I wasn’t quite high enough for that area, let alone a challenging escort through demons.

  2. Lana says:

    Enough idle banter about how pretty the outside world is… oh wait, it’s a video game you play INSIDE! 😛 I’d like to address Bohr’s failmeter, good god, he failed 100 times in +/- 1h 40 min (and that’s only what’s recorded!) to be fair, 2 don’t really count that heavely, who doesn’t get hit by a LDW shade once or twice, i don’t know if poor Nemos is a melee or ranged (not that being ranged is an excuse to get hit) but if he is indeed a melee, he should be banned by blizzard, he’s a waste of pixels, computer calculations, raid spots and time. and on that note, i’d like to give a shout out to that special deathknight i was in my daily random heroic with on my paladin Rhyth this morning. he might be one of the more selfish people i’ve met. we had this healer, a freshly dinged shaman, clearly in need for all emblems..but noooo the blood specced dps deathknight with reasonable raid gear (best geared in grp i might add) and his typical “hurr durr i look like Wrynn, i r leet” haircut (which should’ve made it clear he was a prick) didn’t see it, barked that we were going to skip first boss and happely pulled all the way to the next. while hacking away on trash i commented on his command and asked why we would skip when someone clearly needed all the bosses. ‘i just need the 2 frosts’ he said, and the priest healer said ‘the majority agreed on skipping’ (2 out of 5 is a majority? since when? :s) due to my lack of coffee i wasn’t as sharp and bitchy as normal (i’m sure calli can confirm :P) so i just told him to play a singleplayer game if he only wanted his own stuff done. it did make me wonder: why play a MMO (massive MULTIPLAYER online) game if you don’t want to do stuff with/for others? i couldn’t come up with an answer.. so i’m hoping one smart reader could answer my question 🙂

    anyways, i’m starting to ramble on about my own morning annoyances once again (you people are lucky it stays to my morning things and not the rest of my day + work :P) nice post once again Calli o/

    reluctantly working but reading with pleasure – Gera 🙂

  3. Bohr says:

    Nemos was a paladin offtank, who clearly didn’t watch his AoE.

  4. Kurnak says:

    Yeah, knew the caravan sold cooking recipes, but didn’t know about the quests.
    One I’ve heard about but still I have to experience is having detect invis while in UC courtyard and Lordareon’s keep. You need a warlock to cast detect invis on you and you’ll see ghosts and hear things (like the broken bell at entrance).

  5. Dan says:

    Nice post, kind of getting the urge to grind the explorer acheive on another character now ^_^
    Give regular dickhead of the week, best lols on the internet atm ^^,


  6. Calli says:

    Loremaster IS a ridiculous amount of grinding, just be aware. It’s a good way to get yourself the Ambassador title into the bargain though, since you’ll get Exalted with all home cities pretty quickly. It’s a lot easier than it used to be though, Kalimdor needed 750 quests when I did it on Calli.

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