Posted: 17 August, 2010 in Cataclysm, levelling, Mage, misc, Wrath of the Lich King

So it appears that Arcane Intellect is going to be changed in the next expansion, no big surprise there, pretty much everything’s changing.  Right now it provides (at max rank) a static buff of 60 points to your intellect.  Since intellect is going to translate directly to both spellpower and mana, it’s being changed to simply add to your mana pool .  People are complaining about this.  “It’s Arcane Intellect”, they say.  “Not Arcane Mana.  It’s our signature buff, don’t mess with it!”

Really?  They’re taking Tree form away from druids and this is something that’s worthy of complaint?  Standby for a newsflash my fellow mages, because the following is absolutely 100% true and a lot of you probably don’t realise it.

Arcane Intellect is shit.

“How can you say that, Calli?”  Well I’m glad you asked, allow me to elucidate.  Fire specced and fully raid buffed Calli has 30484 mana.  Take away Arcane Intellect and she has the massive total of 30348 mana.  Wait…  what?  Intellect is supposed to give 60 Intellect, that’s worth more than 136 mana!  So perhaps it’s being partially overwritten by some other buff?  And in fact it is, with Gift of the Wild being the culprit.  If you have Gift of the Wild, Arcane/Dalaran Intellect gives you something like….  wait for it….  9 intellect.  Don’t even get me started about Blessing of Kings, which scales with your gear so only gets better as time goes by.  Yes folks, Arcane Intellect really is the shittiest buff ever.  They can do what they like with it in Cataclysm, they’d have to work real hard to make it worse than it already is.

Speaking of the expansion, I note with some dismay that Blizzard are increasing the health and damage output of the mobs in the 80-85 levelling areas.  By a lot.  I’m not really sure how to feel about this.  Part of me is pissed off because I didn’t work through heroic 25 man Icecrown content in order to gear up to the extent that I still have to run away from packs of fucking kobolds when I’m levelling to 85.  The average mob in Icecrown has 12k health, give or take.  That’s one Fireball crit or a non crit and a Fire Blast.  Boom.  Dead.  And so it damn well should be!  I’ve slain the Lich King for fucks’ sake!  I solo Threat From Above, wearing a dress!  But no, I’ll be hitching up my skirts and running for my life if I aggro more than two Murlocs again pretty soon.  When Tirion Fordring was recruiting for the Argent Crusade, all he needed to do was pop down to Elwynn Forest and recruit this guy.

I eat Icecrown Raiders for breakfast, and I'm very hungry!

And yet, you can see it from the opposite side too.  Back when The Burning Crusade was released, very few people were wearing raid gear.  I was lucky enough to be sporting full Mage Tier 2, and didn’t feel the need to replace any of it until I reached about level 68.  The vast majority of players were still overwhelmingly geared in blues and greens, so I was two tiers of content ahead.  The normal world mobs in Wrath are scaled to be competitive for players in level 80 quest rewards.  That was four tiers of content ago.  World mobs in Wrath are scaled to be defeated by players in gear that no-one is wearing for more than a week these days.  Everyone is wearing raid gear.  It’s a completely different ballgame to when I was levelling to 70 in gear that was only available to maybe 5% of my server population.  Or when I was levelling to 80 in Tier 6 gear that was acceptable for entry into the first Tier of Naxxramas raid content!  So in order to provide some kind of meaningful content, the levelling zones in Cataclysm are being populated with mobs that are going to hit twice as hard and have twice as much health as world mobs in current level 80 zones, because pretty much everyone is now sporting at least Tier 9 raid gear in most slots.

Or in other words, we’re all going to be running away from kobolds again.  Meh!

On a lighter note, we’re plugging away at Glory of the Icecrown Raider to pass the time before the expansion hits, there are still of couple of us who don’t have our Drakes, so last night we were at Sindragosa doing All You Can Eat once again.  Our glorious raid leader has just finished ranting at us to switch our brains on and try to stay awake, and perhaps three seconds later a very large and pissed off cleaving and frost-breathing undead dragon turns around and faces the raid.  We hear an “Oops” on Teamspeak.  “Taunted by accident” he says and I had to chew on my fist to stop laughing.  I shouldn’t get too smug, however, on the very same attempt my combat log crapped out and I stopped getting raid warnings from my addons.  I was so busy staring at my Mystic Buffet stack counter I failed to notice that when the boss was at 1.8% I’d been targetted by a Frost Beacon and was standing pretty much slap-bang in the middle of the raid.  By some miracle, neither of these cockups wiped us, and we managed to get the achievement again.

Just, you know, don’t tempt fate.  Because she’s a bitch.

  1. Jong says:

    “Or in other words, we’re all going to be running away from kobolds again. Meh!”

    awww man, that totally ruins my leveling plans 😦

  2. Calli says:

    The blood of Grom Hellscream flows through your veins, if a kobold even dreams of looking at you funny it’s going to wake up and apologise! 😉

  3. Kurnak says:

    Well, nice that you picked up Hogger… because he’ll be back in Cata as dungeon boss (if I remember correctly). So yes we’ll run away from kobolds.
    This creature enhancement it’s a mistake. Not for us who have our characters more or less highly geared, but for new players that hit 80. Do Blizzard think they’ll start grinding heroics or what? Also I don’t think the first quest and random greens will offer stats as good as T9 at least until level 82, so it’s going to be tough for all these goblins and worgens, unless Blizz offers some kind of “gear-up” quests like the DK ones, so everybody can start Cata at level 80 (or 78) with decen gear, tuned to the expansion content.

  4. Calli says:

    Hogger is, in fact, going to be a boss in the new Stockades, yes. 🙂

  5. Lana says:

    Once again you supply my dose of nerd reading material while i’m doing nothing at work.
    I myself can’t wait for some proper lvling action, i lvl’d my paladin to 80 in a week or so, mind you i did use heirlooms, still, way too fast, some actual elbow sweat lvling up would do me a world of good.
    speaking of my shitty new lvl 80 with shit gear (questing green, the odd blue, 2 crafted icc pattern epics and a sponsored battered hilt 2hander) i topped total dmg done on both voa’s and ony 10 (yes, people still do ony)
    while the rest of my raid were well above me in gear, i got the usual Gearscore QQ and had to almost beg the raidleader to NOT kick me, cause a full t9 lock told me i’d drag down the raid. that same lock did 1.4k dps, 0% dmg to orbs, and asked for innervate from our druid tank. while i with my low gear and a “yay lvl 80!” achievement that was 3 hours old. topped the raid with a sad 4k dps. their comments about that? NOTHING! those same people that cried about my gear said nothing at all when the dps was linked into the raid (not by me) those same people left ASAP ater complaining that there once again was no free loot for them and how it was a waste of time, which i find odd, how are 2 frost emblems and a chance of high tier gear a waste of time? it takes about 5 min. max. to clear that boss. i really wonder what will happen to those people in Cataclysm, since heroics won’t drop epics anymore. will thye just implode in anger? they will be forced to run around in greens and blues since most of these people aren’t in raiding guilds .. atleast not succesful ones. i’m afraid these people will become the bitter community of WoW that will be QQing the forums instead of working on their actual char. (and force NERFPL0X patches) these people want free loot instead of working for it. voa is a waste of time, it’s also the only raid these people can do succesfully it seems, the people that ask for kingslayer achievements and 6k gs for first 4 bosses in icc while they have no achievement whatsoever will also be part of a special fail community, i’m afraid only the people that are in raid guilds that get something done are going to make it in Cata.

    anyways, enough ranting, nice post once again calli. you never disappoint.

    Lana / Gera -x-

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