A Long Strange Trip up The Mountain O’ Mounts

Posted: 25 June, 2010 in misc

Around three years ago, Blizzard introduced the achievement system into World of Warcraft.  Yeah, it really has been that long.  What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been stood out from the rest for two reasons, first it was the only way any of us could be guaranteed to get our hands on a 310% speed mount.  Not everyone’s going to place in an Arena season (or would even want to).  Not everyone has access to a raid group capable of doing the heroic raid achievements while they’re still current content.  Everyone. however, had a shot at completing the Long, Strange Trip.

The other reason it stood out from the crowd was that it was going to take a year, minimum, to complete it.  This was the daddy of all meta-achievements, and so naturally I set about completing it.  My employer had other ideas, however.  That year and the year after I got packed off, first to the Falklands, then to South America each summer, making it impossible to complete the Summer Festival achievements.

But this year was different!  Behold, and tremble before my mad leet obsessive compulsive achievement farming skillz!

So I finally got this:

And so to celebrate I treated myself to another pointless mount from those nice Sons of Hodir chaps.

Which led to this:

And this!

Now all I need is someone to write some sort of addon that allows me to ride more than one mount at once, so I can feel like I’m at least getting my money’s worth!

  1. Issy says:

    Gratz Calli 😀

    Erm.. there is that macro that just picks a random mount for you each time..
    someone in my guild posted this one for us all a while back, but I have no idea if it works, coz *ARGH MACRO /flees*

    #showtooltip [flyable]Golden Gryphon;Brown Horse
    /run if IsMounted()then return end local t if(not IsFlyableArea()) then t={1} else t={2} end CallCompanion(“MOUNT”,t[random(#t)])

  2. dwism says:

    @Issy: that could mean that he breaks out his pron-goat, and he likes to keep that one hidden… I mean, ehm..

    Grats calli!!

  3. Calli says:

    Silence Dwarf! I KEEL YOU!

  4. Kurnak says:

    There’re several plugins, like Equus Infinata that will pick up a random mount or depending on conditions you can set. Of course, you can only ride one at once 😉

  5. Calli says:

    Noes! All of them at once! AT ONCE I TELL YOU! Hey, maybe I could drive the Touring Rocket and have the Dragonhawk in the back seat?

  6. Jujee says:

    Grats! It’s my favorite colored drake in game.

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