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Posted: 29 April, 2010 in misc, Paladin

“What a holy paladin thinks while raiding”
“Holy paladin”
“Holy paladin suck”
“Prettiest paladin”
“Black paladin”
“Southern paladin”
“Female paladin”
“Fallen paladin”
“Paladin lvl 80”

Not a random stream of consciousness, but in fact a selection from the top twenty search terms people have used to find this blog via their favourite feedreader or search engine over the last two days.  Fifty percent of the people coming to this blog are looking for pretty black female lvl 80 holy paladins who suck and want to know what they think while they’re raiding.  Presumably it’s “I wish I didn’t suck.”

Can’t help but get the feeling they’re all going away disappointed.  Or perhaps I should pimp the blog out as a dating service for Tinuviel.  Oh wait, she doesn’t suck.

Stop sniggering at the back!  This is a family blog!

The Light and How To Swing It is also easily the single most popular post on the blog, which is a bit wierd since it was written in January 2009 and wasn’t even cutting edge blogging content when I wrote it, let alone now.  I guess I can infer from this that people who want to read about paladins are a) very easy to impress, b) Paladins are very, very popular and c) and I should probably write about Galadan more.  What I can tell you is that in September 2009, eight months after that post was first written, it generated 721 page counts all on its lonesome.  It’s doing 450 hits per month even today.  What’s up with you people?  Shoo!  Go read Paladin, Schmaladin or Forbearance or something instead!

Easily the most bizarre search term anyone ever used to find their way here was “black sheep wall for outland”.  Do not adjust your screen, you did in fact read that right.  Seriously.  No, I had no idea either.  A swift visit to Google and an entry from Urban Dictionary on the first page of results tells us that “Black Sheep Wall” was a cheat code for Starcraft which allowed the player to see the entire map.   Every other Google result was a link to WoW gold-buying and powerlevelling services.  So…  if you’re the guy who came to my blog looking for a powerlevelling service, just leave your account and password details in the comments and send me £50 via Paypal.  Confidentiality guaranteed*

Random question of the week: Why does the guy who’s always shouting “GOGOGOGO!” in your PuG always have the title “The Patient”?

*terms and condtions apply.

  1. Ainasophia says:

    Answer to random question of the week: The very title “The Patient” tells us that they have pugged so many heroics that they have snapped. Now the only thing that is going through the poor souls brain is, “GoGoGoGoGo!” and, “Just a few more Frost! Just a few more!” all the while swinging wildly between laughing manically and crying hysterically inside. 🙂

  2. Dwism says:

    Tinu is going to keeeeeeeeeel youuuuuuuuuu.

    I once did a google stat onm search terms used to find my (old) blog, there was one that struck me “why do mages that can’t chose to be either human or gnome, find female Dwarfs so incredibly HOT”
    …Ring any bells?

  3. Andy says:

    In one instance, the one yelling gogogoogogog was below me in damage. FoS in 9 minutes, my arse. Try replacing your heirloom sword first.

  4. Jaedia says:

    “Why does the guy who’s always shouting “GOGOGOGO!” in your PuG always have the title “The Patient”?”

    Oh dear lord, you have a point :p

  5. Calli says:

    Will the person who rolled a level 1 toon last night to ask Tinuviel if she was single and didn’t suck, please stand up? :p

    • dwism says:

      Ahahahahhaaa Wish i’d thought of that.

      hrm.. Tinu is married to a big fella, a very protective ufc-typ of guy, who knows people at Blizzards billing department, so they will find you.
      Grow up!

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