Single Abstract Gnome

Posted: 18 April, 2010 in Roleplaying, Single Abstract Noun

After the glorious success that was the Campaign for Equal Heights by the Gnomes of Argent Dawn EU, this weekend a second Gnome Rally was organised by the Gnomes of the Single Abstract Noun bloggers’ guild.  Argent Dawn is one of the oldest Rolepaying Servers around, so the usual rules were in force – stay in character, don’t mess with other folks’ RP.  Other than that, the Gnomes were free to do as they pleased to rally support for Operation: Gnomeregan – Retake the City!

The valiant gnome mage Gnigel and his trusty companion brave the frosty depths of Dun Morogh, destination: Ironforge!

Gnomes Unite! You have nothing to fear but big steps. And high shelves. And bad tempered cats.

Ok, horses too. We finished now? Can we please move on?

Our mission today, to muster troops for the battle of Gnomeregan! And Death to all warlocks!

Rallied by our fearless leader, Maximillian, the gnomes prepare to march!

Onward, brave sons and daughters of Gnomeregan!

Gnomes are infamous for being easily distracted

After a swift journey on that marvel of Gnomish engineering, the Deeprun Tram, the brave gnomes arrive in Stormwind, ready to continue the campaign.

Tired after their journey, the gnomes seek refreshment, but news of the Campaign for Equal Heights hasn't reached Stormwind, apparently...

Then Gnigel makes a startling discovery in the pub cellar!

Plans are discussed on how to open the massive keg...

Suitably refreshed, our heroes continue to Darnassus via Stormwind Harbour...

By the sacred spanner of High Tinker Mekkatorque! Look at the size of that Tree!!!

The gnomes are amazed to discover that High Priestess Whisperwind has the worlds' biggest jacuzzi, completely open to the public!

The priestesses seemed horrified about something, perhaps we should have taken off our shoes?

That’s all folks!

  1. dwism says:

    My old cannot read all the text boxes in the screenshots. I feel very much like i’m missing out 😦

  2. Calli says:

    I think I may have to remaster the links to larger versions, the current links are a bit small, I’ll get onto that when I’m off duty.

  3. Ravven says:

    Great screenshots! That was such a fun day. I love how everyone is really getting into RP, and having a blast on these outings.

    • Calli says:

      Next time though, we really need to decide some sort of plan for what to do when someone actually asks to be recruited, we never planned on actually being… you know… successful!

  4. […] had to miss last Sunday’s SAN Gnome Rally II but thankfully I had Calli and Issy to share to the […]

  5. Calli says:

    I’ve edited the screenshots to link to larger versions, some of the chat is worth a chuckle, you should be able to read it all now.

  6. lol!! That is wonderfully wonderful.

    (But shouldn’t your slogan be “Gnomes Ugnite”?)

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