Six Munths Ago I Cudn’t Evn Spel Warryor!

Posted: 14 April, 2010 in misc, Tanking

Hay guys!  Gorn here, I bin looking thru der intarwebz dis week and found Looking For More, which iz cool and stuff cuz its gotz lotsa tank stuff wif pictures.  I likes stuff wif pictures.  They gives Aluriel and Calli time off from readin out der big words, which is why I likes der Tanking 101 – Threat and Taunts da mostest.  Calli sez thems  Tanking 101 – Leadership is just as good, but it duzzent hav no pictures so Aluriel had ter reed it to me.  I likes Aluriel, she duzzent get mad like Calli wen I has trubbel wif dem big words and her heelz tickle.  Calli just gets mad and buffs me interlect then leaves me ter reed it myself and goes ter set fings on fire until she calms down.

Mages is like that.

The leedership post is a gud wun as well, like.  Itz got stuff in it about beein a gud tank like wen Aluriel is shoutin at the rouge ter get outta the fire and itz just eezier fer me ter take a step back or two and move der boss so der rouge has ter follow, like.   And then Aluriel stops shoutin and I likes it wen Aluriel’z not shoutin at peeple cuz it meenz shes worryin bout me insted and I likez it wen Alurielz worryin bout me and not bout nebody else.  And dis meenz I is a leeder!

Nobdy never sed I wuz a leeder b4!  They say stuff like “Gorn you is as dum as a box o’ rocks!” or “Gorn, you is as thick as a whale sandwich!” or “Gorn you sure gotz sum nice scars!” but theyz never sed I wuz a leeder!  So I iz makin speshul effort ter reed the big wordz fer Aluriel, but not too much effort becuz then Aluriel not haf ter reed fer me no more and I likes it wen Aluriel reedz ter me.  Aluriel iz nice cuz she heelz me.

Gorn and Aluriel, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!


  1. Kurnak says:

    Confess it Calli, you sank the ship to come back earlier!
    And you got back on time, paladin changes were posted today (well, yesterday) so now all class layouts have been given. Will be interesting to see your thoughts on them.

  2. dwism says:

    Hey Gorn, Aluriel said she likes to heal me more, because then there is stuff to do!

  3. Calli says:

    Gorn wished me to pass the following comment on: “Hah! Alurielz not heelin yoo cuz youz a smelly dorf and shez mi heeler!”

    And to Kurnak: You caught me bang to rights, it’s a fair cop, guv’nor!

  4. ReversionLFM says:

    Thangs fur teh link. ima hav ta draw you inta a laytur wun.

  5. Calli says:

    That’s SO going straight to Gorn’s head! It just… you know.. takes a while to get there.

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