What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

Posted: 21 February, 2010 in misc, Raiding

See that?  That’s me and my bitch, that is!  Yeah, baby!  We finally got to lay the smack down on The Lich King this weekend.  Well… truth be told, smack was laid down, but we were more the smackee than the smacker.  On the bright side, we got phase 1 down.  The bad news is that’s the easy part.  Getting dropped to your death by pissed-off Val’kyr is always worth a lol, however.  Sadly I’m off until the end of March with this Navy thing, so the raid will most likely have made him their bitch by the time I get back.  It was nice to get to see him at least before I was forced to bid a sad sayonara to everyone.

I’ll still be posting stuff, but only likely to have one weekend of gaming before I’m back full time (ish).  Until then, may all your lewt be phat and all your wipes recoverable!

  1. dwism says:

    I’m not saying anything about who in our guild may or may not have the Kingslayer title.
    All I want to add, is that you are in a ss somewhere on my memory lane 😀

    Oh and when did Calli the gnome go? We raid way to less together these days oO

  2. Calli says:

    Sadly, Calli the gnome is no more. I just couldn’t get used to it after spending so long as a human. (Don’t tell Larisa or Gnomey, they’d bite my knees off!)

  3. Eversor says:

    Stay safe…may all your “battles” be the practice kind. Look forward to future posts and that nutty English humour….see how I spelled it there for ya…..

  4. Tam says:

    Missing you already, my good Sir.

  5. Dwism says:

    Don’t miss him too much Tam (or at least don’t tell him). For several reasons: One he gets very very annoying, and two he goes on this “army” thing all the time, so you are setting yourself up for heart-ache.

    (personally I think he goes to rehab for his accessive WoW-gadget-shopping sprees. Seriously, the man has way to many coo…. ehm I mean stupid silly WoW stuff, that I don’t envy him at ALL)

  6. Calli says:

    Silence, Dwarf! I KEEL YOU!

  7. dwism says:

    Getting some plushies anytime soon btw? 😉

  8. Calli says:

    Er… maybe. Depends on if I can get them from the EU or not. My last Desktop Tier 9 Gorn and Calli cost me £80 in customs charges, and I’m not paying that again! I kinda like the plush Gryphon though. I look at it and just think “Sharpbeak! Meep!”

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