Rank Amatuer

Posted: 19 February, 2010 in Shaman

I had an interesting night last night.  Raided Icecrown25 and cleared the first four bosses again, plus the Plague Wing and popped in to see Valithria Dreamwalker for the first time.  That is one heck of a cool fight, I can’t wait to do it on a healer.  It’s kind of like my favourite boss fight ever – Vaelastrasz the Corrupt from Blackwing Lair, but in reverse.  The dragon starts on low health and you have to heal her to 100% while fighting waves of nasties.  Going to have to do some research on that, it looks like being the most fun fight ever for a healer.  Anyway, Calli got some new gloves to replace her Tier 9 and then I logged Shinano to do the daily dungeon, completed Looking For Multitudes and got Shinano her Perky Pug pet.  So far, so straightforward.

Then, with time being limited, I had to choose between blitzing through the Shattered Sun dailies at Quel’danas on Sithica (I want that Tabard so badly!) or doing another random dungeon on Askara for badges, so I chose the latter.

Then I got a nasty shock.

We zoned in to Halls of Lightning, the group was four guildies plus a random Rogue dps.  Our illustrious raid leader was present on his Rogue alt, and with a very melee-heavy group I adjusted my totem selection for maximum melee dps buffs and off we went.

Apparently, there’s an addon called Rankwatch, it monitors the combat log and alerts you via whisper if anyone in the group is using downranked spells or abilities.  Our raid leader has it installed.  The reason I know he has it installed is because the bastard thing kept spamming me on every damn spell or ability I cast.

Askara cast Rank 7 Lesser Healing Wave, maximum rank available at level 80 is rank 9.  If you cast this rank on purpose, please ignore this whisper.


Askara cast Rank 6 Chain Heal, maximum rank available at level 80 is rank 7.  If you cast this rank on purpose, please ignore this whisper.

Dammit, shut up!

Askara cast Rank 8 Water Shield, maximum rank available at level 80 is rank 9.  If you cast this rank on purpose, please ignore this whisper.

Zomg, please just kill me.

You are quite possibly the worst shaman ever :p


Seriously, what the hell is going on?  I was under the distinct impression that existing ranks of spells on your casting bars are automatically upgraded whenever you learned a new rank.  I can pretty clearly remember that happening as I levelled up and visited the trainer.  But it occurs to me, that there may be an “undocumented feature” with the dual spec system that prevents this from happening.

Let’s say, just as an example, you’re a level 77 shaman named Askara levelling as Enhancement with a Resto offspec for dungeons.  Let’s say you ding level 78 and return to the trainer to learn fresh skills.  You’re still Enhance spec so you’ve got your Enhance UI up when you learn the new ranks of your healing spells, so it therefore only switches the old ranks for the new on the UI which is active at the time you learn them.  Or in other words, the next time you switch to Resto spec and get your Resto UI up again, it’s still got the last rank of resto spells learned the last time you visisted a trainer with your Resto UI active.

Or to put it another way, Askara has been successfully raiding ICC10, ToC10/25 and Ulduar10 for the last 6 to 8 months with downranked spells that cost more mana and do less healing than the max rank versions.

I don’t know whether I should /flex or /flee at this point.  I know that as soon as I get home tonight I’m checking the UIs of every toon I have with a dual spec.  I’d best keep it under my hat though, if this gets out I’ll be a laughing stock.

Oh wait…

  1. Tam says:


    You should clearly /flex and /flee – mainly because it would look extremely amusing.

  2. redux says:

    Oh My Gawd

    /runs home to check his dualspecced alts

  3. Shintar says:

    I had that on my druid in TotC25. I’ve been raid healing with Wild Growth rank 2 and Rejuvenation rank 12 all this time? /facepalm

  4. Skarlarth says:

    Been there done that on…. how many toons?

    Katixia – 80 Shaman Elemental Primary, Resto Dual Spec
    Yragon – 80 Druid Balance Primaery – Resto Dual Spec
    Valenkyrie – 80 Priest Shadow Primary – Holy Dual Spec
    Tolecnal – 80 Paladin Prot Primary – Holy Dual Spec

    Yeah if I had not run a PuG with a person with rankwatch on Tolecnal I would have never know to check all my Dual Spec toons. Sooooo many downranked spells /shudder

    But I had similar reaction to you:
    “I’ve been healing this stuff with 3 ranks lower of Flash of light, and 2 ranks lower of Holy Light and Holy Shock, I am the man! No wonder everything is succeeding by the skin of my teeth, I am a noob!”

    At least my main was safe from this “bug”, er… “feature” Hunter pew pew FTW!

    Skarlath and Company

  5. Daxlim says:

    It could be worse. I was still tanking at level 80 with a level 2 concecration for almost a week. I meticulously updated both my specs while leveling, checking all my bought upgrades one by one, and then upgrading them in the other spec. I always bought them while in prot spec, so that HAD to be correct (I assumed) and fixed them in my ret spec. Ironically, my ret spec was perfect. Apparently I messed up when I bought the dual spec at level 40, first buying it, then training. /slap self

    I had no problems holding aggro though. That was most surprising. And luckily I discovered it myself, escaping public humiliation 🙂

  6. Crofe says:

    I did this on both my characters. The real devil is those nasty talented healing spells that then have ranks (Riptide and Holy Shock). I use to think they both sucked because they didn’t heal hardly anything.

  7. Calli says:

    All this time I’ve been laughing my ass off at the Resto druid in our raid who realised a few weeks ago that he’d been using Rank 1 Wild Growth since level 70….

  8. crankyhealer says:

    Yep…. dual spec has done us all in! Woe is me!

    (I installed rankwatch myself and set it to just tell ME about the underrank, mostly to prevent my own fail. I ended up catching a warrior who, unbeknownst to him, had never TRAINED the final rank of something-or-other.)

  9. Zy says:

    Oh yeah, after I got busted casting a rank 2 something-or-other on an offspec I promptly installed Rankwatch just for myself. After I checked everyone I had to uninstall it though cause it was driving my husband up the wall. . .

    I have to say macros (especially mouseover) are win, they automatically use the highest rank of your spell unless you tell them otherwise. They saved me a lot of pain. Even so, can’t wait until spell ranks go away in Cat.

  10. Eversor says:

    Ha ha…I had the same problem with my dual specced priest and shaman. I think poeple in my pugs must have thought I was one cheap bastard as I wouldn’t give them the highest level buffs that I should have. Oops…sorry!

  11. Calli says:

    I did a few more random dungeons on other characters since and got busted AGAIN! Just to be safe I’ve installed Rankwatch to save my blushes from now on. :p

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