Welcome To The Suck

Posted: 2 October, 2009 in Mage, misc, Raiding, Rant, Warrior

One of the Hunters in our 25 man raid is a Dwarf named Rui.  He’s a good hunter, solid dps, doesn’t make a habit of standing in the Fire, never pulls aggro… in short, nothing like the guys who are the first to get squished by Vault of Archavon bosses when you’re bored and PuG it late on a Wednesday night.  Anyone who runs with a regular raid knows that there are always “characters” in those raids.  For example, we have an excellent healing paladin named Tinuviel, but she’s pretty much known as Afkviel for reasons that I hope are obvious from the nickname.  Rui is the guy who always disconnects.  His connection sucks harder than an industrial strength vacuum cleaner.  I think Hoover is his ISP or something.  It’s become something of a joke over time.

“Everyone buffed?”
“Tanks ready?”
“Ready to go.”
“Rui disconnected yet?”
“Of course.”
“Ok, let’s get this show on the road, pulling in three…”

Well let me tell you, since patch 3.2.2, I’ve been Rui, and it’s not as funny in the flesh as it is from a distance.  For years, I’ve been the guy with the connection made from solid granite.  Never miss a raid, never go offline, always there.  After patch 3.2.2 rolled out, every time Gormok the Impaler so much as looks at me in a funny way, I get dumped out to the login screen and cannot reconnect as long as the fight is going on.  And then it takes 15 attempts to connect to a character in Dalaran.  And so it goes on.

Yesterday the daily cooking quest was Rhino Dogs and the daily fishing quest was the Ghostfish, both conveniently located in Sholozar Basin.  So I hearthed to Nesingwary Basecamp, flew over to Rainspeaker Canopy to pick up this weeks’ Oracle egg and went fishing.

I’m no expert on the subject, but I’m pretty sure that your fishing bobber shouldn’t time out before you can see the fishing channeling bar appear.  And I’m also relatively certain that casting a line isn’t supposed to take fifteen seconds.  On a similar note, as a level 80 mage covered in 10 man Heroic and 25 man Crusader Coliseum gear with an average item level of 240, I shouldn’t be dying from the bleed of a level 76 non elite Rhino’s gore effect in the time it takes for me to get an Arcane Blast off.

There are (at latest time of checking) 32 pages of complaints on the US forums and 10 pages (in the busiest thread) on the EU forums about the instant disconnects people are suffering from Crusader Coliseum and the associated lag that plagues you afterwards.  There are no Blue solutions, but the cures suggested by the community range from clearing your dns cache (whatever the hell that is) to sacrificing a virgin to the Blood God at the next full moon.  Personally, I’ve tried everything bar reinstalling Warcraft, which is something I’m not going to do because the only difference between having a rock solid connection and one made of swiss cheese and spaghetti is that patch 3.2.2 rolled out.  And I’d not be exaggerating if I were to say I’m not best pleased with the state of affairs.

But the suckage doesn’t end there.  Usually, after being online for three hours or so, my latency will drop from 4500ms to something approaching playable and I can think about getting into a group to do something useful.  Last night we threw together an Onyxia raid for alts, and I came along to tank on my warrior, Gorn.  Now call me a bluff old traditionalist, but when the raid leader says “Gorn, you tank the boss, I’ll tank the adds”, I take that to mean that the raid leader is going to tank the adds.  I don’t take it to mean that I’m going to tank the boss, help him tank the whelps, tank the elite adds when they show and hope he’s not busy admiring his nails and is quick with a taunt when the last elite is up and the boss lands at the other end of the fucking instance, because apparently, that’s exactly what “You tank the boss, I tank the adds” does, in fact, mean.  Sadly, since my balls are made of flesh rather than Madame Eva’s finest crystal, I obviously interpreted the instructions the wrong way.  Silly me.  Entirely my fault obviously.

Well, we got her down on the second attempt and at least I got a new hat out of it.

  1. FerrioClef says:

    I haven’t had any connection issues with the latest 3.2.2 patch, but I’ve had problems with previous patches, where my solid 60 ping would skyrocket to 1000 or more, if I could manage to stay connected.

    The solution I found was to go to nVidia’s website and update my graphics drivers. I still can’t figure out WHY that works, but somehow, it does.

    • Calli says:

      That was actually one of the first things I did. Took 20 minutes to download the drivers (probably five million other WoW users who got disconnected at Gormok trying the same thing) and while it was downloading I ran the Blizzard repair tool, deleted all of my addons and set all graphics detail to lowest settings.

      None of it worked. 😦

  2. Tebla says:

    I don’t know what OS you are using or what router, but I have created a bat file that helps a lot. I have a Lynksys router that is a couple years old. I connect from the cable modem to the router to my computer by Cat5, but I have my wife and kids computers wireless.

    Now, I am told by a friend that is a network technician that wireless routers wear out or break rather frequently and that resetting them and/or flashing the firmware will help. Sometimes I do reset it, but most times I can fix the connection problem with the bat file. I have problems with connection time out in my browser as well. I am also running Vista Ultimate and that is probably some of my problem.

    It seems like your problems are on Blizzards end, but if you want to clear your DNS easily, then just open up notepad type in:

    ipconfig /flushdns

    then save it as “flush.bat” (you need the quotes) or some such. I have it on my quick launch so I can hit it whenever. I especially have problems when one of my kids or my wife gets on their computer. I think the router gets overwhelmed at that point. Might help, can’t hurt.

    • Calli says:

      I’m getting flashbacks to editing my autoexec.bat file! Noooooo!

      But thank you all for these suggestions, it certainly can’t hurt to try.

  3. Keilia says:

    Sorry to hear you’re having such problems. I just wanted to let you know that clearing your dns cache is really easy, and maybe it’ll help?

    If you have XP, go to start, all programs, accessories, command prompt. If you have Vista, right click on command prompt and “run as administrator.” Type in ipconfig /flushdns and that’s it! Restarting also does the same thing.

    I hope your problems get fixed soon 😦

  4. Calli says:

    Thanks very much for the tip. I’m on duty this weekend but I’ll definitely give that a try when I get home on Monday. 🙂

  5. gnomeaggedon says:

    “sacrificing a virgin to the Blood God at the next full moon”

    tried that last night.. couldn’t find a virgin though…

    I thought it was just me..

    I just had a faulty router replaced, so I was putting it down to that, or dodgy addons… Now I am not so sure.

    However, one point of difference… (I will be posting about this in the next couple of days).. when I log back in, I am exactly where I left off… BG or Instance… and I have never had that before.. I usually get deposited out the front or back where ever I started

  6. […] PewPew has been disconnecting too, just not as nicely as me. Not just him but a large proportion of the WoW […]

  7. Tinuviel says:

    “excellent healing paladin named Tinuviel” – Agree
    “she’s pretty” – Agree
    “Afkviel” – Disagree ><

    This fight is odd, lots of people seem to suffer lag/dc issues here but at least it seems to have got better.

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