Who’s yo Daddy?

Posted: 6 August, 2009 in misc, Raiding

Four more days.  Just four more days and I’ll be back at home again, tossing Fireballs around with no thought for the consequences!  Roasting my enemies alive inside their own white-hot armour!  Setting things alight with the POWER OF MY MIND!   BURN FOR ME, MY PRETTIES!


Sorry, I get carried away.  Anyway, where was I?  Ah yes, Blowing Shit Up.  This is not a 3.2 patch post.  Anyone reading this is probably lucky enough to be actually playing and knows all about 3.2 by now.  The lag.  The full instances.  Broken add-ons.  Ouch.  Luckily for me, everything should be pretty stable by the time I start downloading this and the previous patch, add-ons should have been updated, the vendors with the new gear will no longer have Tauren parking their kodos on them, all will be well.  I shall patch, update, log in and rampage unchecked through Ulduar and the Coliseum like a Titan with hot fiery death spitting from her fingertips!

Except, I probably won’t.  The Ulduar and Coliseum part, that is.  I’ve got the fire spitting from my fingertips covered.

Here’s the thing.  Just shy of two months ago, I logged off for the last time and headed south for sunnier climes.  I hate sunnier climes.  The heading south was not my idea.  Like the late, great Bill Hicks, I cannot understand people who love hot weather.  I’m a mammal, I can regulate my own body temperature and afford turtleneck sweaters, air conditioners and leather jackets, thanks very much.  Ugh, sidetracked again.  Anyway, I didn’t just leave WoW, I left one Ulduar-10 raid group without Gorn, my Protection Warrior, another without Aluriel my Priestess and one Ulduar-25 raid group without Calli, my fire-spewing flaming pew pew machine.  These raids did not call it a night for the two months I was going to be away.  One recruited another tank to replace Gorn, one recruited another Priest to replace Aluriel, and the 25 man raid simply rotated in someone else.

Sorry, do we know you?
Fast forward nearly two months, I’m almost back in the game and sending a forum PM to one of the Ulduar-10 raid leaders asking if I can rejoin the raid.
“Well, uh…”
Not the answer I was hoping to hear.  Not as bad as “LOL noob” admittedly, but not the same as:
“Woot!  You’re back, gimme a minute while I decide who to bench in order to squeeze you back in!”

Yeah, say it like that and it kind of all falls into the correct perspective, doesn’t it?  The poor schmucks who replaced me when I waltzed off for two months got tossed into a steep learning curve, battled through and earned their spurs.  The truth of the matter is, those two Uldaur-10 spots aren’t mine anymore.  You walk away from a raid for any length of time that necessitates your having to be replaced, and…  well..  you get replaced, sucker!


All is not lost.  Our 25-man raid still raids three times a week, and even with rotations any given player usually only has to sit out once per raid lock.  I’ll just sign up and take my chances with selections and rotations once again, just like before.

But.  I liked 10 man raiding.  Our 25 man raid doesn’t get server firsts, but it comes close.  It’s a tough raid to be in.  We have a raid leader who doesn’t suffer fools gladly.  No, in fact he doesn’t suffer fools at all.

Who does suffer fools gladly anyway?  Is there a guy running around right now looking for people who can’t grasp the concept of “trousers first, then shoes” because he just loves their witty banter?

Oops, did it again.  So, yes.  25 man raids, hard damn work.  10 man raids, (at least the ones I’m in), not so much hard damn work.  One 10 man was knock-knock-knocking on Yoggy’s door when I left and had chalked up some of the 10 man hard modes, the other….  well…  the other was special.

This raid was formed for the guys who have outside commitments.  It had more family-friendly raid times, it took a slower pace.  The leader is an exceptionally cool guy I’ve known for years.  He led our 40-man raid group in Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and Old Naxx, and he never, ever had a bad word to say about anyone.  His raiding toon was a Restoration Druid called Selassie, and he’s been affectionately referred to as “Lassie” ever since.

Time for a story!

A long time ago, in an instance far, far away…
We’re in Blackwing Lair, probably on our second month of wipes on Vaelastrasz.  Lassie has comprehensively and patiently briefed everyone, yet again, on how we’re going to do it.  Druid Main Tank healers are standing aside safe with their Holy Priest group healer.  Melee dps and Main Tanks Two and Three are standing ready at the dragons’ side with their healers.  Ranged dps are standing in their spot with their healers.  Main Tank One steps up, speaks to Vael and starts the fight.  Two seconds in, some dipshit Rogue pulls aggro, Vael turns, cleaves, wipes out all the melee and their healers, breathes flame, wipes out all the ranged dps and their healers, turns back to the Tank, kills him, then rips apart the druids.

Lassie over Teamspeak: “Okay, positive things we can take away from that experience…”

In short, he’s the kind of guy you all want leading your raid if you want to kill bosses, get loot, have a bucket of fun and aren’t worried about server firsts.  Shortly before Burning Crusade his marriage was blessed with a level 1 toon of his very own, and during Burning Crusade and Wrath we saw far less of him than we’d have liked.  But after successfully grinding Wife Faction Reputation to Exalted, he started to play more, slowly got his Druid and Shaman to 80, and decided to form a Naxx10 raid for guildies in a similar situation to his own.  The Daddy Naxx raid group was born.  And it rocked.

Who’s Yo Daddy?
I joined the Daddy Naxx party late.  Our Naxx25 and other two Naxx10 raids had had the place on farm for an age when Daddy Naxx was formed, and about when they had killed every boss except Four Horsemen, Sapphiron and Kel’thuzad, they lost one of their tanks and some dps.  I volunteered to help out on my warrior, Gorn, and one of our 25-man Trees, Whizbang, offered to come and dps on his Deathknight.  The raid had a great Bear Main Tank, far too much melee dps, nowhere near enough ranged dps, far too many paladin healers and a final healer spot that was never filled with the same person from one week to the next.

Did I mention it rocked?

The first raid Whizbang and I did with them, with the benefit of our knowledge of the Four Horsemen, Kel’thuzad and Sapphiron fights, the raid downed all of them for the first time.  In the next four weeks, we farmed Naxx for shinies and then moved on to Malygos, giving him the savage kicking he so richly deserved, too.  Shortly after, Lassie decided to end on a high before things started to get stale and drew the curtain on the raid, with the promise to reform when Ulduar was released.

Come patch 3.1, the Daddies reformed in all their glory and headed to Ulduar, clearing all of the Siege Bosses and all of the Keepers except Mimiron and Thorim by the time I had to leave.  Two months later they’re working on Yogg-Saron with a kill in sight and I’m due back.

And they don’t need me anymore either.


But, they’re such cool guys you can’t feel anything other than happy for them.  So this post’s for The Daddies!  Good luck with Yoggy, I hope all your loot is epic, and tell that nab Bare Durid of yours to try tanking with something other than his face once in a while.


So, patch 3.2, what’s new?  I seem to have some time on my hands.

  1. dw-redux says:

    I’ll tell you whats new. The Colosseum. And when I say new i mean “are you having problems in naxx? Is patchwerk a little to hard on you? Well we have something new for you”….

    /Le grand sigh

    Look out for a post from me about the horror that is Colosseum… Or rather, what i can remember from it, it sort of just went by so fast.
    Also, team daddy! Woo go. mostest fun I’ve had raiding was helping them out. Even if I did get the old Lassie to say “DW, dying like that? really? you should know better” -which is as close to him asking for my address so he can come over and stomp on my head. 🙂

  2. dw-redux says:

    And yes, its laggy, and yes addons are buggy, and even Ulduar bosses has gone laggy AND buggy.
    So much fun is to be had by all.

    But you know, at least the new instance has jousting, in case you don’t feel like you’ve done that nearly enough

    • pewpewlazerz says:

      Oh. Great. More jousting. Yay. Because I studied the arcane arts for fifteen years at the Kirin Tor Academy so I could climb onto a horse and poke things with a stick. Totally. Can I set the lance on fire first? That might work. I could dig that.

  3. Niadyth says:

    Your blog is very win. Very funny. Very entertaining!

    I shall be blogrolling it, and feed watching, for sure!

    I like the kind of raid leaders you can count on to not freak out when things go bad. There should be more of them, because things might get killed slower, but you have a lot more fun doing it. Anyway, see ya round.

  4. theerivs says:

    Sound like a good group to raid with. The leaders of the old 40 man raids that I had pleasure of being with were some of the most understanding people I met. I’ve been really lucky with my MMO’s to find leadership that I would probably pew pew my lazers to the gates of hell itself.

    • DW says:

      I dunno what you mean by “could pew pew *my* lazers”, but you’ve made it sound dirty thus you have officially ruined this blogs name…. and I sooooo wish id come up with it 😀

      Hey baby, you can pew pew my lazers to hell and back anytime *winks*

      … Yea i lubs it

  5. […] The Daddies finally got Old Lich Face deaded on Friday night.  I was overjoyed, truth be told, they’ve […]

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