Nerf Deathknights!

Posted: 1 June, 2009 in Deathknight, Raiding, Wrath of the Lich King

t8So.  Now that Calli is a Crusader I’m doing the Argent Tournament dailies on Sithica, my brand spanking new level 80 Deathknight.  I tend to do the Battle Before the Citadel quest then head a few dozen yards north to Malykriss to mop up some Scourge for the Field Training quest.  Because Malykriss is one of the more heavily phased locations in Icecrown you can usually count on not seeing many other players there despite its’ proximity to the heavily farmed Court of Bones location.  A major plus point for mages is that the abominations there are one of the few in Icecrown who won’t drag you towards them with scourge hooks!

A few days ago was no exception.  The only people in Malykriss were myself and a lone Blood Elf hunter.  There are upwards of 30 mobs in this area at any one time, and the most you need to kill for the Field Training quests are 15.  Combine that with the fact that the mobs in Malykriss respawn at a ridiculously fast rate and the two of us sharing the place was really no problem at all.  In point of fact, even if we started at both ends and worked towards the middle, there is no way we could have killed everything in there without respawns appearing before we were even close to halfway through.  So, no reason to get competitive for kills, right?


This fruit elf obviously thought differently.  As I was dealing with an abomination he came running over, dragging the two geists and one deathknight he was already fighting with him, and proceeded to aggro the other three abominations in the area I was working, plus the two deathknights that patrol there.  He then feigned death, let his pet tank, and started to aoe them down.  I finished off  my abomination and watched, bemused, as his pet dropped like a stone under the combined assault of the eight mobs he’d aggroed and he was forced to flee the area, losing aggro as he phased out into the Court of Bones.  After they’d safely reset and I was killing the final abomination I needed for my quest, he phased back into the area, /spat on me, and rezzed his pet.

Let’s just say there are some things in this game that I will just never understand.  This is one of them.  Just to put things into perspective, he actually came over from where he was fighting other mobs and put himself at risk for no other reason than to screw me over.  He even failed at that.  I just don’t get the motivation behind that mindset.

Other things I don’t understand are the people in chat looking for “more dps for Naxx10, must have good gear and do 2500+ dps”.  Newsflash guys, if you’re doing over 2500 dps, you don’t need to be in Naxx 10 anymore.  Or you’re a Deathknight.

sithicatankSeriously, Sithica facerolls all over quests that Calli wouldn’t even think of attempting alone, and Sithica’s been 80 for about five days.  Calli meanwhile, is wearing three pieces of Tier 8.5 gear, best in slot headpiece, trrinkets and shoulders and has the life expectancy of a mayfly against anything that can’t be snared.  You know those flesh giant elites in Icecrown you need a spinal cord from for the Basic Chemistry quest?  Calli can’t even look one in the eye without a tank around.  Fingers, my Rogue, can kill one providing he has a health pot and all his cooldowns are ready.  Sithica was taking them on two at a time the day she hit level 80 and not dropping below 50% health.  She soloed the battle at Valhallas at level 79, only needing help from a Ret Pally for the last boss.

This weekend, the day after dinging 80, I managed to get her into a Naxx 10 raid as an offtank. I know, I know…  I am quite wierd amongst Deathknights in that I’m actually prepared to tank for my supper.  Sithica’s gear was a mixture of crafted epic and reputation faction blue tanking gear, fleshed out with some Auction House and crafted blues.  Nothing special, in other words.  In this “nothing special” starter tank gear,  she has almost as much health and 6000 more armour than my Ulduar10-geared Warrior tank, Gorn.  Go figure.

Well anyway, it was a good raid.  I was pretty lucky in that the Main Tank was an overgeared Protection paladin who was just running Naxx for a laugh, and didn’t have to actually do much serious tanking except on those bosses where two tanks are required.  Thaddius for example, is always a fun tank fight.  Aaaaanyway, we get to Kel’thuzad himself and I prep Sithica to stand aside nice and safe in phase 2, ready to pick up and offtank the Guardians of Icecrown in phase 3.   All went according to plan, the Big Bad reached 40% health and summoned his Guardians, I taunted one and Deathgripped another, then stepped aside to tank them safely while the raid nuked Kel’thuzad down his final 40% health.

It was at 37% when the Main Tank got bored and alt-tabbed out to check Facebook.  At 35%, a shadow fissure opened underneath the Main Tank and he dropped like a stone.

I’m not making this shit up.

So.  I’ve been level 80 for two days, I’m wearing quest rewards and crafted tank gear and I’m now tanking not only the two Guardians of Icecrown, but after the fastest taunt you’ve ever seen, I’m also tanking Kel’thuzad himself.  It got a bit emotional.  What it didn’t get, is messy.  I tanked him and the Guardians the final 35%, Kel’thuzad died, the Guardians retreated, we grabbed the loot, and I realised that Deathknights really, REALLY need a nerf.

  1. Drugar says:

    Imagine if it’d been a dwarf death knight. You wouldn’t even need the 9 other people in that raid!

  2. gnomeaggedon says:

    Please don’t tell Zupa….

  3. zupa says:

    too late for that.

    I know what they are like, it’s ridiculous!

    What spec is she?

  4. pewpewlazerz says:

    She’s 20/51/0 Blood/Frost spec. And when I say nerf deathknights, I mean everyone except mine, obviously :p

  5. DW says:

    Allright, time to clear up some misunderstandings here. First off calli, all pansy treehugging hippie druids are like that, even the good ones.
    Hell, YOU are like that whenever you play your tree. Its nothing personal, playing a Nelf just does that to ya.

    Secondly, DKs need no nerfs. Your healers needs props! Liek 4 reelz mad props n big ups n everything.
    having no shield huurtz, but having a big arse axe hurtz dem others moar!…Where was i going with this? Oh yea, who the fekk told you that DKs dont wanna Tonk? its liek what we do best, it would be like a mage charging for strudel or refusing to sheep. “lol no, im no sheep mage i do dps” …yea right 😉

    (but yea, at soloing stuff, we almost equal hunters and paladins)

  6. DW says:

    The serious answer would be: We scale the worst, and the armor nerf we got, is going to hurt a lot. Think about our last trip the General (Vesax)… Now think of me tanking with 20% reduced armor bonus… ouchie.

  7. pewpewlazerz says:

    Aha! But what you are failing to take into account, Mister Dwarfypants, is that 20% nerf to armour value from Frost Presence doesn’t equate to a 20% nerf to mitigation after diminishing returns are taken into account. Take Sithica for example. Prior to the patch she had over 27000 armour which equated to 67% physical damage mitigation from armour. After the patch that armour value was down to around 24000, but the real difference in mitigation was a net loss of only 4%, down to 63%. Since you’ll have vastly more armour than Sithica, actual % reduction will be even less for you.

    As for where I get the idea that Deathknights don’t want to tank, well… from all the Deathknights who don’t want to tank. Try the LFG tool one day. I guarantee you’ll see half a dozen lolknights, Paladins, Warriors and Druids (but mostly lolknights), all looking for tanks and healers.

    And you’re right about the nelfs. :p

  8. DW says:

    I never said it did.
    And i cannot remember the last time i used the lfg tool for.. anything. Boy, I think ive gotten a bit elitist on my old days.
    Well, when Duffler hits 80 ill be tanking it up, PUG style!

  9. Calli says:

    No, you said it was going to hurt a lot. It isn’t. It hurt me by 4%. 4% is not a lot. It’s going to hurt you even less.

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