Why is Abbreviation such a long word?

Posted: 20 March, 2009 in Druid, Raiding, Wrath of the Lich King
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Regular readers may have noticed that my blog posts err towards the..  shall we say, epic in nature?  I never write a sentence where a paragraph will do.  In fact, I’m already doing it again, all I needed to say was “I write long blog posts”.  So Krizzlybear, and everyone else who doesn’t have half a day to check their blogroll, this post is for you.

Shinano hit level 80 very recently (six level 80’s down, four to go!) and I’ve been doing instances as Feral while building up a pretty respectable Restoration set for raiding.  I raided the guildbank for 4 pieces of epic leather BoEs farmed from 10 and 25 man raids.  I got my Rogue, Fingers, to craft a few other pieces, tailored some others on Calli and blew some cash on the Auction House for the rest.  End result, 1400+ spellpower and 800 spirit unbuffed (while specced Feral), enough to start doing Naxx 10 man after a resto respec.

Anyway, last night we’re putting together a Sartharion and Malygos raid for alts and non-raiders.  We can only rustle 20 players up, so we decide to go ahead and get the “Less is More” achievements while we’re at it.  With 20 people we’re not going to try anything flashy with Sartharion, so go for a simple 0 drake kill.  In retrospect we could easily have handled 1 drake, but we wanted a quick kill, so that’s what we did.  I was only on Shinano to get the raid invited and sorted out, and was going to switch to a better geared dps character for the kill itself, but people were getting impatient and wanted to start, so off we went.

Sartharion dropped like a stone, and that’s not all that dropped.  The Staff of Restraint and Concealment Shoulderpads were on his loot table this week…  and no-one else wanted them!


Now if only 3.1 and dual-spec would get here!

  1. DW says:

    Now that staff does not belong to you. What is it with this guild and taking stuff that isn’t yours? A certain emo pally is running around with Redux axe(Betrayer of Humanity), and he wont give it back!!

    And now you are taking what is rightfully DW’s property? Im liek lulzWTFwutlol!!

    Or you know, envious. Grz

  2. pewpewlazerz says:

    Cry some moar plox mister priest! Your tears are delishus! Muahahaha

  3. krizzlybear says:

    I recently got my computer back, so you can resume writing long posts to your hearts content 😀

    Actually, scratch that. Exams are coming up =(

  4. uh! its a long word yes. Because the word abbreviation means abbre – expand viation – a short word with actual meaning 😉

  5. Calli says:

    They say no-one likes a smartass, but I kinda do. 😉

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