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Posted: 20 February, 2009 in misc
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The latest thing amongst the blog community seems to be posting the sixth image from your screenshot folder and explaining the circumstances around the picture.  Never one to shirk my community responsibilities, I had a dig around my screenshot folder and came up with this:


What you’re seeing here is Shinano, my female night elf druid, on the Netherwing Ledge in Shadowmoon Valley, under the effects of both the Dragonmaw Illusion and the Orb of the Sin’dorei at the same time.  The curious thing about the Dragonmaw Illusion is that it turns you into a male fel orc of whatever class you happen to be.  There are no female fel orcs, apparently.  The Orb of the Sin’dorei turns you into a Blood Elf, but because she was already under an illusion which changed her gender to male, the Orb made her look like a male Blood Elf too.

But the screenshot tomfoolery doesn’t end there.  I found the following gems hidden away too:


This was taken shortly after an Old School raid to Naxxramas before it was moved to Northrend.  Captain Ahab, a very lucky retribution paladin, got the the Corrupted Ashbringer from the Four Horsemen.  Anyone with the Corrupted Ashbringer could then take it to Scarlet Monastery and witness a very special scene where the Scarlet Crusade swear eternal loyalty to the person wielding the Ashbringer, only to have the ghost of the betrayed Highlord Alexandros Mograine appear and denounce, then kill his son Renault Mograine, current Highlord of the Scarlet Crusade.  An amazing lore moment totally ruined by Ahab’s response to Highlord Morgraine’s proclamation of eternal loyalty with the words “Gief cake!”.  He never did have much of a sense of occasion.


This was actually taken earlier this week.  We’d already cleared all 25 man raid content after two of our three raid nights (and I’d gotten my Twilight Vanquisher title!  Woot!) so on the third night we threw a quick 10 man Naxx raid together consisting almost entirely of alts.  What you see here is our Patchwerk kill, or more precisely, it’s a case of Patchwerk 9, raid 1.  Yes, we got him down with one raid member left alive to get the killing blow, but he won on points.

Conclusive proof that Galadan IS a pimp.  Here you see him healing through Netherspite in Karazahan with not one, not two, not even three, but FIVE Woeful Healers up.  Can anyone beat that?


This one shows our first Kil’jaeden kill about a month before Wrath of the Lich King went on sale.  Note Blitzin, the dead priest in the foreground in his talented Improved Dying form?  Blitzin’s purpose in raids seems to be to die in a blaze of glory shortly after dominating the healing meters.  A boss fight isn’t a boss fight unless Blitzin dies shortly before the end.  What we now do is all shout “THEY KILLED KENNY!  YOU BASTARDS!”  whenever we see the angel spread its wings.  Sometimes it’s not even him, but that’s just a technicality now.


My first Nefarian kill in Blackwing Lair at level 60.  I’m kneeling in the front middle.  This was a very proud moment for me, but not as proud as…

My first Vaelastrasz kill.  The utter, utter bastard that he was.  We spent about two months wiping on this complete git, and when he finally went down it was with everyone dead and one Paladin healer bubbled up and swinging his mace at him for dear life.  That’s him running around the foreground shouting “We own!”  And yes, we did.


And here I am taking a dirt nap in Onyxia’s Lair back when it took slightly more than a single bored Ret Paladin on a Sunday afternoon to kill her.  There was always someone who forgot their Drakefire Talisman and couldn’t get in without being ported back to the nearest bank to retrieve it and then asking the locks for a summon back.  We had a raid leader who would scream abuse at people who had to go back to Ironforge and make the warlocks waste soul shards summoning them back.  He was also a raid leader who would click on any portal he saw, teleport portal OR summoning portal.


And finally, my favourite screenshot of all time – the Raid Mage All-Star Formation Dancing Team, featuring Shyna, Lioa, me, Molgan, Toonrock and Jako.


  1. DW says:

    Id wished you had made theese clickable so you could see better what is going on 😦

    Other than that…. “aaah” – What a glorious trip down memory lane

  2. pewpewlazerz says:

    As soon as I remember how to, I will!

  3. Val says:

    Man I miss the old days. Not that the new days aren’t good but man I miss the old days.

  4. Drugar says:

    I’m still bitter about Corrupted Ashbringer going to a paladin. I could’ve dual-wielded it with normal Ashbringer at some point in the future…
    Oh well, it least it went to Ahab, who’s inappropriate love for pie makes up for a lot. 😛

  5. DW says:

    I know what it is, you just have such a low screen-resolution that this in fact is the large scale images. Its okay Calli, we still like you.

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