And Now For Something Completely Different.

Posted: 22 December, 2008 in misc, Wrath of the Lich King
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calliI have a new hat!  Tell me you like my new hat!

Seriously, we’ve been pretty lucky with drops from 25 man Kel’thuzad.  Well..  as long as you’re a Rogue, Mage, Druid or Deathknight.  In the whole of Construct Wing and Frostwyrm Lair we only saw Vanquisher drops tonight, which was good news for me anyway, as it means I finally got to junk that rubbish priest-hat I’ve been wearing for a month and upgrade to the very sexy Valorous Frostfire Circlet.  I finally have that 4-piece set bonus and 298% critical damage bonus on Frostfire Bolts.  There’s a word I’m looking for here, and I believe it’s “woot!”

But that’s not all.  Heroic Sartharion also decided I should be the winner of his bag of spoils this week, which meant I earned Emblem of Valour number 61, and 60 buys you the Valorous Frostfire Shoulderpads, as modelled by the lovely Calli here.  That’s me, yes.  Modesty is not a virtue I’m famous for.

Is it just me or does the Frostfire set not look as ridiculous as I remember it from level 60 Naxx?

And now, sports news.  Malygos 0, Raid 1.  Our first kill!  Which is ironic because despite having the quest for it I’ve still not killed him in 10 man mode yet.   Hopefully next week we’ll get it done so I can get even more phat lewt in the form of a new necklace from the quest reward!


Galadan’s been busy too, he’s now 78, fresh from slaughtering all the leaders of the horde in a quick city boss raid we organised over the weekend.  We tried to do this at 70 and let’s just say that when your spells are missing a boss 85% of the time even when you’re hitcapped at level 70, it’s pretty big hint that you should either come back at 80 or leave the mages and warlocks at home.  However, this being the season of goodwill, we raided Silvermoon as GNOMES!  Because no-one likes a Fruit Elf boss, and if you must kill him, do it in as humiliating a way as possible.

Death by Gnome.

Death by Gnome.

  1. wowguilds says:

    Grats on your new hat. You seem to have the same luck as us… all vanquisher, all the time 🙂

  2. pewpewlazerz says:

    Yeah, what’s the deal with that? I guess since Vanquisher has 4 classes rolling on and all the other drops only have 3, that they bumped the drop rate to compensate. The problem is that Vanquisher has the same amount of specs rolling on it as all the other drops, so the numbers seem a little skewed.

    But what do I care? I HAVE A NEW HAT! Woop!

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