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Posted: 12 September, 2008 in Guides, Wrath of the Lich King
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I’d been meaning to add these guys as a link for some time now, but felt they deserved more than just an anonymous entry in the links column.  Now that my brain has gone into meltdown with the flurry of patches and counterpatches on the beta servers, I’ve given up trying to keep pace with the beta news for the moment, and now is as good a time as any to kick back, relax, and introduce you to Project Lore.

Project Lore is at heart an exceptionally well-produced series of video guides to Burning Crusade instances.  Like many of you, I’ve searched YouTube and Bosskillers for video guides on certain bossfights and the usual result is a grainy low rez clip filmed from the perspective of a class that’s no use to you with no narrative and a soundtrack from hell.  Well Project Lore address all of that, with slick, professionally filmed video, detailed tactics and strategy and fun chit chat between the players, all updated at least 3 times a week.

I have to confess to being a little skeptical of Project Lore when it first began.  The production values were there, but…  well…  let’s just say that watching a bunch of guys in Tier 4/5 epics stomp through Hellfire Ramparts (non-heroic) in an instructional video didn’t exactly inspire me.  It was just as crisp, clear and detailed as their consecutive guides, but come on guys…  you could solo this place, where’s the challenge?

Thankfully, with their second episode they switched to doing Heroic versions of all the Burning Crusade instances, and the videos became genuinely entertaining to watch.  Even for those of us who’ve got no reason to go anywhere near a Heroic other than to farm badges, I can totally recommend watching these videos.  You may end up disagreeing with their tactics, you may learn something you didn’t already know, but you will be entertained because first and foremost, these guys are gamers, just like you and me.  And nowhere does that become more obvious than in episode 8, because that’s where they get to show us Utgarde Keep, in Northrend.

Oh yes, Project Lore got into the Beta, with permission to film from Blizzard.

You can totally empathise with the squeals of fanboy glee from the guys as they discover their new skills and abilities and see the new world opening up around them, because we all know that in their situation, we’d be doing the same.  So far the highlight of the series for me has been when they encounter the first boss in Utgarde Keep and realise they have absolutely no idea what he’s going to do or how to handle it.

Anyway, Project Lore – a permanent addition to my links, at least.  Hope you enjoy their show, I know I did.

  1. DW says:

    The first link to em is mispelled (yes i found a mistake Calli)
    Looking forward to seeing it, sounds great

  2. pewpewlazerz says:

    EEk! Fixed! Thanks Dreamy. 🙂

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