Spell Pushback Protection on Beta?

Posted: 11 August, 2008 in Hunter, Mage, Raiding, Wrath of the Lich King
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WoW Insider just reported something that’s good news for casters everywhere, but incredibly good news for Frost Mages. Full details at the link, but a brief summary here. Spell pushback mechanics have been changed on the beta servers. When you’re casting and take damage, the first two hits add 0.5 seconds to your cast time, further hits have no effect. Channeled spells have a similar change – the first two hits take 25% off the channel duration, further hits have no effect.

Why so good for Frost mages? Well since the only spell pushback protection they have is when either using two pieces of Tier 4 or when under the effects of Icy Veins (or if you’re really desperate, two pieces of Battlecast gear), it can take our Frosty brethren an age to get even a single Frostbolt off when that Big Red Kitty’s chewing on their faces or the Raid Boss is putting out environmental damage. Just imagine a fight like Curator in Karazahan with the aoe pulse those Arcane Flares push out. I’d been Frost since level 40 and loved it, still do. But back when Kara was progression content, I was as much use an ashtray on a motorbike at Curator, I just couldn’t get a spellcast off. Curator was our big stumbling block at the time, he pretty much marks the boundary between “easy” lower Karazhan and “hard” upper Karazhan. If this mechanic had been Live at the time, I probably still wouldn’t have been doing stellar dps, but I’d have been able to remain competitive. As it was I was forced to respec Fire (and respec from Frozen Shadoweave to Spellfire tailor, sheesh that cost me a fortune!) in order for the raid to progress past him.

This is awesomely good news for Frost mages for raiding, because as far as I was concerned, while the new Frost talents in the Wrath beta were all very nice, they still didn’t do anything to help Frosties with the biggest barrier to raid progression – spell pushback.

If you’re a Hunter, this is good news for you too. It may just be enough to ensure your Steady Shot rotations don’t get too messed up by aoe damage. Of course there’s a downside, your Big Red Kitty isn’t going to be quite as effective at stopping that pesky Mage from turning you into a slab of prime lamb.

But that’s never a bad thing. 🙂


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