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Posted: 9 August, 2008 in Priest, Raiding
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So we’re in Sunwell Plateau and we get Kalecgos down without too much trouble. We’re a bit low on Decursers so it was hard work for Calli. The Trees had it even harder though, so I shouldn’t complain. Anyway, he dies, we don’t and the loot was so forgettable I can’t even remember what it was. Oh yeah, the raid leader got Fang of Kalecgos for the massive sum of 1 DKP since he was the only one who was interested.

So, on to Brutallus. Oh boy. The Fat Bastard is still giving us grief. In short, we didn’t down him, and we went back last night and still didn’t down him. We were having problems with healing the tanks through the Stomps, but last night that was all fixed and things were looking very promising. But you know those nights when people just can’t get their act together? Doesn’t matter which instance you’re in, it can happen to anyone. I did a Heroic Ramparts once with a group that was all in T5+ gear and it just wasn’t working at all. Yeah, last night was one of those nights. People were jumping Burns to each other, I got the calls wrong on the Meteor Slashes so the tanks were taunting too early, all the good stuff. On the bright side the healing is fixed and we definitely have the dps to spare to get him down again, we just need to gel and I’m confident he’ll go down again on Sunday.

Anyway, enough about that, this is supposed to be a Priest post! So we leave after the raid and all go our seperate ways. I’m busy in Dustwallow Marsh on Askara, my shaman (level 40 now, woop!) and one of the guys starts asking for a healer for a Karazahn PuG. I’ve PuG’d Kara before and it’s generally been anything ranging from either Ok to great, so I offer my help, free badges are always good, after all. Aluriel, my Priest is currently shadow, but Shinano is Resto so I log and get summoned. It’s a two-healer raid, both of us Trees, and we have no Shaman or Paladin. I look at all the dps and start to get a very, very bad feeling about Ressurrections. Sure enough, it’s one of those raids. In the first 6 pulls Shinano dies through aggro 4 times. I’d joined the raid just after Curator, so it’s a long old run back when neither of the two Warlocks thought that farming some soul shards or using a Soulstone might be a good idea. I start to get that sinking feeling.

So in an effort to try to prop things up a little, and despite the fact that I could really use the badges more on Shinano, I offer to log Aluriel and respec to healer. Within minutes, I find myself standing in front of the Priest trainer wondering where to spend my talent points.

Aluriel has always been Discipline/Holy. I levelled her to 70 when Burning Crusade came out as a Healer. It worked out pretty well, she just made her xp by doing instances, a healer who could actually, you know.. heal… was always in demand funnily enough. The downside of levelling as an Improved Spirit Priest was of course, that I’d never experienced Circle of Healing.

Now I know what they all say, you don’t need Circle of Healing in Karazahn, although it’s practically essential for anything higher than Serpentshrine Cavern. Yeah, I know, it’s overkill for a Kara raid, but I was interested in seeing what the new spec was like, and being able to afford 5/5 Empowered Healing would make up for the loss in healing from Improved Divine Spirit.

So, newly specced and with some confusing new icons on my casting bar, I head back into Kara and we get ready to pull Shade of Aran. Well, I say we “get ready” but what actually happens is that before we’ve even buffed or assigned interrupts, one of the warlocks does an accidental ninja pull. All hell breaks loose and it’s at this point that I became a convert. I tell ya, Circle of Healing is 100% pure, unmitigated WIN! I’m not knocking the other healer, she did a damn fine job, bless her leafy little branches, but Circle of Healing just owned on that fight.

The rest of the run was one cock up after another, but we sort of muddled through until the first wipe on Netherspite when I started to get really frustrated. Top tip guys, if you’re doing Netherspite with two healers and you get hit by Netherbreath, don’t stand around waiting for a healer to come running to your raggedy ass, because it ain’t going to happen. We covered one side of the room each, and if you’re not in range for a heal when you land after the breath hits you, GET in range, because you’re not the only one who needs heals and I’m not interrupting my cast to run halfway across the room because you didn’t have the sense to save your own ass! Oh yeah, and standing in Void Circles? COME ON! Get with the programme!

Ok, good to get that off my chest. Anyway, after wipe #1 I did the stroppy healer thing and laid down the law. You know, the whole “I’m indispensable and you clowns better start to focus or I’ll stamp my feet and cry” thing that Priests are so famous for. And bugger me if it didn’t work! The Warlocks in the Blue Beam actually started using Drain Life to give themselves a chance of surviving instead of spamming Shadowlol bolts, the rotations went perfectly and the boss dropped dead before I even noticed. Literally. It was like that Ramparts run I described earlier, the group had the numbers on paper to make the run trivial, but the synergy just wasn’t there and it just needed a swift boot up the behind to get people focussing on their game again. As for Prince? Pfft, despite the bloody infernals landing on the tank’s head each and every time, we one-shotted him. It’s always nice when a plan comes together.

And Circle of Healing? I love you and I want to have your babies.


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