I Can Has Tier 6?

Posted: 3 August, 2008 in Mage, Raiding

Today was a really good day for Calli.  Not only did we do an almost flawless Kalecgos kill in Sunwell Plateau, but Calli got her fourth piece of Tier 6 for that all-important 5% extra damage on Fireballs!  Needless to say, I’m pretty chuffed about it.  The kill was not without it’s moment of comedy, as one of our Warlocks, Pkff, lagged out and disconnected on the pull, and then almost immediately got Portaled.  As our group was running around frantically trying to find the portal to enter Sathrovar’s realm and the raid leader was yelling at us to move our arses, one of us spied this tiny gnome-sized portal, just outside the barrier on the boulevard leading to the boss.
Needless to say, that one was a wipe. :p

But we killed him next try and I finally got my Bracers of the Tempest!  Just look at those beauties!  Go on, take your time, I can wait.

But the fun and games didn’t end there, next up was Brutallus.  Now the raid has killed him before, but with the summer holidays we’ve really struggled to repeat the kill, what with people going away for Summer or just not wanting to spend summer weekends in front of the computer.   First, a word of explanation.  I went away for 6 months at the start of the year.  At the time we’d recently killed Vashj and Kael’thas, finished the Vials of Eternity quest and attuned ourselves to Black Temple.  We were 3/4 in Mount Hyjal and I’d at least gotten to see Archimonde even if never being there for an actual attempt.

6 months later I return to WoW and the raid has downed Archi, cleared Black Temple and killed Kalecgos and had some great attempts on Brutallus.  It goes without saying that in my 4 pieces of Tirisfal Regalia and one Black Temple ring, I was no longer the dps machine I used to be compared to the rest of the raid.  Yes, I had a lot of gearing up to do, and since the raid no longer bothered with Mount Hyjal, where my best-in-class Tier 6 gloves dropped, as well as the awesome offhand from the first boss – Chronicle of Dark Secrets, I didn’t have a lot of options to get the gear I needed to be useful.  Luckily, we were still farming Black Temple, and within a week I picked up 3 pieces of Tier 6 from Illidan, Illidari Coucil and Mother Sharaz.  Badge rewards replaced my crappy Karazahn boots and I crafted the Bracers of Nimble Thought to replace my Kara bracers.

I still lagged behind the other mages significantly, however.  And when it came to Brutallus I was about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.  It’s been really frustrating wanting to contribute but not having the gear to do so.  A part of the problem was also that mages require so much group support to be competitive that you really can’t afford to take many of us into Sunwell.  Especially on fights like Brutallus where mages are absolutely, totally and unequivocally gimped if they don’t get a Shadow Priest.  My first four or five nights on Brutallus, I was that mage, dumped in the “other” ranged dps group acting as the Scorch Bitch for the other mages.  I completely understand the logic, I had the worst gear and was best used making sure the Scorch debuff stayed up so the other two guys could concentrate on pumping out those Fireballs.  I was only really there because the raid was so short of players to be honest, and without a Shadow Priest in my group I was forced to use Mage Armour for regen and didn’t dare take a Destruction Potion.  And boy did it show in my dps.

Well tonight was different.  Now I had 4 pieces of Tier 6 for the imba bonus, all three mages were in a group with a Shadow Priest, we had Mana Spring totems, Judgement of Wisdom, at 20% the Raid Leader swapped a Shaman in for Heroism and Molten Fury lollage …  it was Mage heaven!  The Fat Bastard went down like a sack of King Edward potatoes!

So, a really good raid night.  We got the difficult “second kill” of Brutallus down, I got a new toy and finally felt like I was contributing something meaningful to the raid.  I still need to replace my gloves, headgear, wand, offhand and main hand, but I’m getting there, and it sure is good to be progressing.  I still need to work on the dps for Brut, though.  Must think about my trinket rotations.
Oh, drops?  Brutallus gave us one set each of Tier 6 belts, and some lucky Warlock got the Heart of the Pit.  *drool*  I think I know where my next offhand is coming from.


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