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Posted: 15 July, 2008 in misc

Welcome to Pew Pew Lazers!  I play, amongst other things, a Mage in World of Warcraft.  Her name is Calli and she’s a Fire Mage.   I play on the Hellscream EU server in the guild Sempher Fi.

It’s been said in the past that I have a problem with alts.  (For anyone scratching their heads at this point, an alt is an “alternative” character)  This is probably true, I have one of every class, and with the exception of my little baby shaman, they’re all level 70, and she’s catching up soon.  I guess I should probably introduce everyone, right?


Calli is my main.  She’s a Level 70 Fire Mage, specced for raiding.  We’re currently in Sunwell Plateau with Brutallus down but by no means on farm status yet.  She’s a 375 Tailor/Enchantress, and she cooks a mean Hot Spicy Talbuk!

Shinano is possibly my favourite character even if I don’t raid 25 mans with her.  The reason she’s my favourite is because she’s a Druid, and Druids are just awesome.

Shinano switches spec from Feral to Resto as the need arises.  She’s cleared Karazhan and Zul’Aman as both tank and healer.

The Mighty Jingles is my Warlock.  When he takes over the universe you will ALL be put to work in the Salt Mines.  Hawt sexy Night Elves will be put to work peeling grapes for him.  Jingles is Destruction specced and currently pulling aggro all over the place in Karazhan.  Jingles is a 375 Jewelcrafter/Shadoweave Tailor.

Fingers is my Rogue, he’s wearing a mixture of Karazahn and crafted Tier 5 epic gear.  He doesn’t get out much, bless him, but I intend to get him to Exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive soon (after Jingles, Calli is already there)  Fingers is a 375 Skinner/Elemental Leatherworker.

Aluriel is my Holy Priest.  Much the same as Shinano, she’s farming Karazahn and Zul’Aman and ninjaing all the dps cloth no-one else wants.  Aluriel is a 375 Mooncloth Tailor/Enchantress.

Henriksen is my Dwarven Hunter, and Thundercat is his pet.  Henriksen was the first toon I levelled to 60, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  yes, I was one of THOSE “Huntards”.  He’s much better now, thanks, and is Beastmaster specced and farming Karazahn.  Henriksen is a 375 Miner/Master Axesmith.

Gorn is my Warrior tank, although he doesn’t get out much anymore.  He’s also farming Karazahn but is currently Arms specced and will soon be carving his way through the Quel’danas dailies.  Gotta love that Human reputation bonus racial.

Galadan is my Holy Paladin.  When he’s not fixing his makeup he’s healing in Karazahn and regular 5 man instances.  Altogether now for the Paladin song…  “I’m sooo pretty, oh so pretty…”

And finally, Askara is my spacegoat lady Shaman.  She’s my baby toon, dinged 70 last and already pimped out in Kara and Heroic loot.

  1. gnomeaggedon says:

    Hooray, another Fire Mage… welcome aboard!

  2. pewpewlazerz says:

    Allo Gnomey! Love the blog, read it regularly while I was posted down the Falklands. Hard to find a decent mage blog around these days.

  3. drus says:

    bah at these gnomes thinking they can do anything more than provide food for undead or tauren

    lub drus

  4. Inscrutibob says:

    I look forward to more posts. But you MUST fix the error in your Title!

    It should be Mage’s not Mages’

    You’re one mage, right?


  5. pewpewlazerz says:

    Aargh, well spotted, and thank you. Fixed. 🙂

  6. Lymp says:

    Addict o.O

  7. 4jcj says:

    Hi jingles! I come from the future where you run a YouTube channel with 465K subscribers!

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